Early Career News

Evaluating Videos for Flipped Instruction | Publication

Samuel Otten, Wenmin Zhao (2018-19 CADRE Fellow), Zandra de Araujo, and Milan Sherman published this Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 article.

Strengthening Educators’ Practices for Engaging and Empowering Students with Disabilities and Difficulties as Mathematics Learners | Webinar

Jessica Hunt (CAREER Awardee) helped lead a virtual discussion with DRK-12 colleagues Amy Brodesky, Karen Mutch-Jones and Judy Storeygard that focused on the question: What are ways to support educators in providing high-quality, inclusive instruction that empowers students with disabilities/difficulties as mathematics thinkers and doers? Slides and a recording of the webinar are available at the link below.

DRK-12 CAREER Awards Spotlight | In the News

24 DRK-12 CAREER awardees were featured in CADRE's May 2020 Spotlight. In the spotlight, learn about the work of these emerging leaders who are developing innovative approaches for improving teaching and learning across STEM disciplines, and hear their advice for developing a successful CAREER proposal and tips for managing a CAREER grant based on their experience.

Dear Colleague Letter: CAREER Proposals Submitted to the Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) | In the News

On May 18, 2020, NSF released an updated Dear Colleague Letter is (a) to highlight, clarify, and draw attention to important information included in Program Solicitation NSF 20-525 as it relates to CAREER proposals submitted to divisions and programs within EHR; and (b) to list the divisions and programs within EHR that intend to review and fund CAREER proposals.

Stories from the Field: Locating and Cultivating Computational Thinking in Spaces of Learning | Publication

Michelle Hoda Wilkerson, Cynthia M. D’Angelo (2009-10 CADRE Fellow), and Breanne K. Litts published this article in Interactive Learning Environments.

Giving Birth to Inferential Reasoning | Publication

Ryan "Seth" Jones (CAREER Awardee) published this article in Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 with co-authors Zhigang Jia and Joel Bezair.


STEM in PreK: Using Cat in the Hat Media Resources | Blog

Tiffany Maxon (2019-20 CADRE Fellow) and Elisa Garcia published this guest blog for the Erikson Institute's Technology in Early Childhood Center.

Teaching Practices for Differentiating Mathematics Instruction for Middle School Students | Publication

Amy Hackenberg (CAREER Awardee), Mark Creager, and Ayfer Eker published this Mathematical Thinking and Learning article.

Rethinking the Classroom Science Investigation | Publication

Eve Manz (CAREER Awardee) published this article in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching with co-authors Richard Lehrer and Leona Schauble.

From the Inside Out: Teacher Responses to the AP Curriculum Redesign | Publication

Ayana McCoy (2015-16 CADRE Fellow) and Kim Frumin (2016-17 CADRE Fellow) published this Journal of Science Teacher Education article with co-authors Abigail Jurist Levy, Frances Lawrenz, Christopher Dede, Arthur Eisenkraft, Christian Fischer, Barry Fishman, and Brandon Foster.

3 Ways to Support Online Discussion Board Participation | Blog

Miriam Gates (2014-15 CADRE Fellow) was recently featured in EDC's Innovations blog.

Former CADRE Fellows receive new NSF CAREER awards | Awards & Recognition

Three former CADRE Fellows are among the recipients of recent NSF CAREER awards: Carlos Nicolas Gomez (2014-15 Fellow), María González-Howard (2015-16 Fellow), and Joel Mejia (2013-14 Fellow).

Understanding Factors related to Undergraduate Student Decision-making about a Complex Socio-scientific Issue: Mountain Lion Management | Publication

Jenny Dauer (2012-13 CADRE Fellow) and Ashley R. Alred published this article in the Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education.

The Impact of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! on Learning | Publication

This report by Todd Grindal, Megan Silander, Sarah Gerard, Tiffany Maxon (2019-20 CADRE Fellow), Elisa Garcia, Naomi Hupert, Phil Vahey, and Shelley Pasnik shares findings from a study that examined the impact of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! media resources.

Empowering Students with Specific Learning Disabilities: Jim’s Concept of Unit Fraction | Publication

Jessica Hunt (CAREER awardee) published this Journal of Mathematics Behavior article with co-authors Juanita Silva and Rachel Lambert.

Who Gets in? Examining Inequality in Eighth-Grade Algebra | Publication

Karisma Morton (2018 CADRE Postdoc) published this article with co-author Catherine Riegle-Crumb in the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.

Effects of an Art-based Environmental Education Camp Program on the Environmental Attitudes and Awareness of Diverse Youth | Publication

Ami Flowers, Lincoln R. Larson, Ti’Era Worsley (2019-20 CADRE Fellow), Gary T. Green, and John P. Carroll published this article in the Journal of Environmental Education.

Discussion Supports Sense-Making Within and Across Lessons | Publication

Tanya S. Wright, JoAnne West, Amelia Wenk Gotwals, and Christa Haverly (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) published this Science and Children article.

Critically Examining Whiteness in Culturally Responsive Education | Blog

Christa Haverly (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) wrote this DRK-12 Community Voices blog as part of CADRE's Spotlight on Culturally Responsive STEM Education.

Contrast, Commonality, and a Call for Clarity: A Review of the Use of Core Practices in Teacher Education | Publication

Dana Grosser-Clarkson (2015-16 CADRE Fellow) and Michael A. Neel published this article in the Journal for Teacher Education.

A curriculum supplement that integrates transmedia to promote early math learning: A randomized controlled trial of a PBS KIDS intervention | Publication

Regan Vidiksis (2014-15 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this Early Childhood Research Quarterly article with Deborah Rosenfeld, Ximena Dominguez, Carlin Llorente, Shelley Pasnik, Savitha Moorthy, Naomi Hupert, and Sarah Gerard.

Investigation of an equity ethic in engineering and computing doctoral students | Publication

Dara E. Naphan‐Kingery, Monica Miles, Amanda Brockman, Rachel McKane, Portia Botchway (2017-18 CADRE Fellow), and Ebony McGee published this article in the Research Journal for Engineering Education.

Former CADRE Fellows receive new DRK-12 awards | Awards & Recognition

Former CADRE Fellows Camillia Matuk (2010-11) and Jonee Wilson (2013-14) are among the recipients of DRK-12 awards for 2019.

Communities Take Charge | Presentation

Lissy Goralnik, Jenny Dauer (2012-13 CADRE Fellow), and Carly Lettero co-authored this article for The Science Teacher.

Epistemological framing and novice elementary teachers' approaches to learning and teaching engineering design | Publication

Kristen B. Wendell (CAREER awardee), Jessica E. S. Swenson, and Tejaswini S. Dalvi published this article in Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Qualitative graphing in an authentic inquiry context: How construction and critique help middle school students to reason about cancer | Publication

Camillia Matuk (2010-11 CADRE Fellow) published this article in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching with co-authors Jiayuan Zhang, Irina Uk, and Marcia C. Linn.

Children’s Integer Understanding and the Effects of Linear Board Games: A Look at Two Measures | Publication

Laura Bofferding (CAREER awardee) and Andrew Hoffman co-authored this article for The Journal of Mathematical Behavior.

Former CADRE Fellow Selected as 2019 Campus Life Scholar | Awards & Recognition

Brianna Tomlinson (2017-18 CADRE Fellow) was awarded Georgia Tech's Campus Life and Community at Tech Scholarship, which seeks to recognize and reward students who have positively impacted the university community through their leadership, scholarship, and service.

CADRE Fellow Awarded Dissertation Fellowship | Awards & Recognition

Courtney Benjamin (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) was recently awarded the Graduate School Dissertation Year Fellowship from Washington State University. Her research looks at intersectional aspects of gender, race, and social class, with an emphasis oncritical inquiry and discourse analyses of STEM participation at the K-12 and higher education levels.

A Multimodal Physics Simulation: Design and Evaluation with Diverse Learners | Presentation

Brianna Tomlinson (2017-18 CADRE Fellow), Prakriti Kaini, Lynne Harden, Bruce Walker, and Emily Moore presented this paper at the 34th Annual Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego, CA.

Philadelphia School Surveys | Website

Jonathan Vitale (2014-15 CADRE Fellow) created this website to display the results of Philadelphia school surveys that were designed to capture feedback from the school community on five key topics related to school improvement—climate, instruction, leadership, professional capacity, and parent/guardian-community ties.

Coordinating between Graphs and Science Concepts: Density and Buoyancy | Publication


Non-visual Perception of Lines on a Multimodal Touchscreen Tablet | Publication

Jennifer Tennison (2017-18 CADRE Fellow) and Jenna Gorlewicz co-authored this article for ACM Transactions on Applied Perception (TAP).

Tensions Between Learning Models and Engaging in Modeling | Publication

Candice Guy-Gaytán (2015-16 CADRE Fellow), Julia S. Gouvea, Chris Griesemer, and Cynthia Passmore co-authored this Science & Education article.

Making Sense of Day and Night | Publication

Christa Haverly (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) and Kim Sedlmeyer published this article in Science and Children.

Investigating Teaching in Conceptually Oriented Mathematics Classrooms Characterized by African American Student Success | Publication

Jonee Wilson (2013-14 CADRE Fellow) published this Journal for Research in Mathematics Education article with co-authors Mahtab Nazemi, Kara Jackson, and Anne Garrison Wilhelm.

Framing, Adapting, and Applying: Learning to Contextualize Science Activity in Multilingual Science Classrooms | Publication

Sara Tolbert, Corey Knox (2014-15 CADRE Fellow), and Ivan Salinas co-authored this article for Research in Science Education.

Mentoring the Mentors: Hybridizing Professional Development to Support Cooperating Teachers’ Mentoring Practice in Science | Publication

Josie Melton (2017-18 CADRE Fellow) published this article for Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education with co-authors Matthew Miller and Joseph Brobst.

The impact of multimedia educative curriculum materials (MECMs) on teachers’ beliefs about scientific argumentation | Publication

Suzanna Loper, Katherine L. McKeill, María González-Howard (2015-16 CADRE Fellow), Lisa M. Marco-Bujosa, Laura M. O’Dwyer published this article in Technology, Pedagogy and Education.

Toward coherence in curriculum, instruction, and assessment: A review of learning progression literature | Publication

Hui Jin, Jamie N. Mikeska (2010-11 CADRE Fellow), Hayat Hokayem, and Elia Mavronikolas co-authored this Science Education article.

Methods & Strategies: Getting a Grip | Publication

Eve Manz (CAREER awardee) published this practitioner article in Science and Children.

Gina’s mathematics: Thinking, tricks, or “teaching”? | Publication

Jessica H. Hunt (CAREER awardee), Beth L. MacDonald, and Juanita Silva published this article in the Journal of Mathematical Behavior.

The Teacher Responding Tool: Scaffolding the teacher practice of responding to student ideas in mathematics classrooms | Publication

James Bywater (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) published this article in Computer & Education with co-authors Jennifer L. Chiu, James Hong, and Vidhya Sankaranarayanan.

Development of an early grade relational reasoning subtask: collecting validity evidence on technical adequacy and reliability | Publication

Lindsey Perry (2018 CADRE Postdoc) published this article in the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Theorizing reciprocal noticing with non-dominant students in mathematics | Publication

Higinio Dominguez (CAREER awardee) published this article in Educational Studies in Mathematics.

Pre-service teachers’ figurative and operative graphing actions | Publication

Kevin C. Moore (CAREER awardee) co-authored this Journal of Mathematical Behavior article with Irma E. Stevens, Teo Paoletti, Natalie L. F. Hobson, and Biyao Liang.

Designing Educational Video Games to Be Objects-to-Think-With | Webinar

On May 8, 2019 at 10:00am ET, Nathan Holbert, Matthew Berland, and Cynthia D'Angelo (2009-10 CADRE Fellow) will discuss their Journal of the Learning Sciences article, "Designing Educational Video Games to Be Objects-to-Think-With."

Toward a more humane genetics education: Learning about the social and quantitative complexities of human genetic variation research could reduce racial bias in adolescent and adult populations | Publication

K. C. Busch (2013-14 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this Science Education article with Brian M. Donovan, Rob Semmens, Phillip Keck, Elizabeth Brimhall, Monica Weindling, Alex Duncan, Molly Stuhlsatz, Zoë Buck Bracey, Mark Bloom, Susan Kowalski, and Brae Salazar.

Kindling the fire: Fueling preservice science teachers' interest to teach in high‐needs schools | Publication

Meredith W. Kier and Jason A. Chen (2011-12 CADRE Fellow) published this article in Science Education.

Impact of model‐based science curriculum and instruction on elementary students' explanations for the hydrosphere | Publication

Ben Baumfalk, Devarati Bhattacharya, Tina Vo (2016-17 CADRE Fellow), Cory Forbes, Laura Zangori, and Christina Schwarz co-authored this article for the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Impossibility and Certainty | Publication

Carlos A. Mejía Colindres (2013-14 CADRE Fellow) published this article in the April 2019 issue of Mathematics Teacher with co-author Stephanie Peters.

Addressing Misconceptions in Secondary Geometry Proof | Publication

Michelle Cirillo (CAREER awardee) and Jenifer Hummer (2017-18 CADRE Fellow) co-authroed this article for the April 2019 issue of Mathematics Teacher.

CADRE early career researchers featured in new resource spotlight | Blog

Courtney P. Benjamin (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) and Terrell Morton (2018 CADRE Postdoc) have featured blogs in CADRE's Engaging and Supporting Women and Girls in STEM spotlight.

Ramp It Up! | Publication

Ashley Lewis Presser, Ximena Dominguez, Marion Goldstein, Regan Vidiksis (2014-15 CADRE Fellow), and Danae Kamdar co-authored this practitioner article for Science & Children.

Transferring specialized content knowledge to elementary classrooms: Preservice teachers’ learning to teach the associative property |

Meixia Ding (CAREER awardee) published this article in the International Journal of Mathematics Educational in Science and Technology with co-author Kayla Heffernan.

Transitioning from textbook to classroom instruction in mathematics: The case of an expert Chinese teacher | Publication

Chen Wei and Meixia Ding (CAREER awardee) published this article in Frontiers of Education in China.

An Examination of Credit Recovery Students’ Use of Computer-Based Scaffolding in a Problem-Based, Scientific Inquiry Unit | Publication

Brian Belland (CAREER awardee), D. Mark Weiss, Nam Ju Kim, Jacob Piland, Jiangyue Gu co-authored this article for the February 2019 issue of International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Increasing Science Literacy in Early Childhood | Publication

Phil Vahey, Regan Vidiksis (2014-15 CADRE Fellow), and Alexandra Adair co-authored this article in the Winter 2018-19 issue of the American Educator.

From Secondary to Postsecondary: Charting an Engineering Career and Technical Education Pathway | Publication

Michael Gottfried and Jay Plasman (2015-16 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this article for the Journal of Engineering Education.

Linear quantity models in US and Chinese elementary mathematics classrooms | Publication

Meixia Ding (CAREER awardee) Wei Chen, and Ryan Scott Hassler published this article in Mathematical Thinking and Learning.

Aligning Test Scoring Procedures with Test Uses: A Balancing Act | Publication

Leanne R. Ketterlin Geller, Lindsey Perry (2018 CADRE Postdoc), Linda M. Platas, and Yasmin Sitabkhan co-authored this aritcle for the Global Education Review's Policies and Practices in Support of Mathematics Learning issue.

Using classroom observations to evaluate science teaching: Implications of lesson sampling for measuring science teaching effectiveness across lesson types | Publication

Jamie N. Mikeska (2010-11 CADRE Fellow), Steven Holtzman, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Shuangshuang Liu, and Tamara Shattuck co-authored this article for Science Education Policy.

Most and Least: Differences in Integer Comparisons Based on Temperature Comparison Language | Publication

Laura Bofferding (CAREER awardee) and Sherri Farmer published this article in the March 2019 issue of the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Governor Names Former CADRE Fellow Public Education Secretary | In the News

Karen Trujillo (2011-12 CADRE Fellow) was selected by New Mexico Governor Grisham for the role of secretary of public education. Trujillo was elected to serve on the Doña Ana Board of County Commissioners in November of 2018.

Teachers' framing of argumentation goals: Working together to develop individual versus communal understanding | Publication

María González-Howard (2015-16 CADRE Fellow) and Katherine McNeill co-authored this article for the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Is There a Career and Technical Education Coursetaking Pipeline Between High School and College? | Publication

Jay Plasman (2015-16 CADRE Fellow), Michael Gottfried, and Cameron Sublett co-authored this article for Teachers College Record.

How Do Teachers Use Comics to Promote Engagement, Equity, and Diversity in Science Classrooms? | Publication

Camillia Matuk (2010-11 CADRE Fellow), Talia Hurwich, Amy Spiegel, and Judy Diamond co-authored this article for Research in Science Education.

Resettled Burmese Refugee Youths’ Identity Work in an Afterschool STEM Learning Setting | Publication


The impact of political identity, grouping, and discussion on young people's views of political documentaries | Publication

Jeremy Stoddard and Jason Chen (2011-12 CADRE Fellow) and co-authored this article for Learning, Media and Technology.

The Effects of Invention and Recontextualization on Representing and Reasoning with Trees of Life | Publication

Camillia Matuk (2010-11 CADRE Fellow) published this article in Research in Science Education with co-author David H. Uttal.

Teaching of the associative property: A natural classroom investigation | Publication

Eli Barnett and Meixia Ding (CAREER awardee) co-authored this article for Investigations in Mathematics Learning.

Comparing Haptic Pattern Matching on Tablets and Phones: Large Screens Are Not Necessarily Better | Publication

Jennifer Tennison (2017-18 CADRE Fellow) published this article in Optometry and Vision Science with co-authors Zachary S. Carril, Nicholas Giudice, and Jenna Gorlewicz.

Touchscreen-Based Haptic Information Access for Assisting Blind and Visually-Impaired Users: Perceptual Parameters and Design Guidelines | Publication

Hari Prasath Palani, Jennifer Tennison (2017-18 CADRE Fellow), G. Bernard Giudice, and Nicholas Giudice co-authored this paper for the International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics.

Belief structure as explanation for resistance to change: The case of Robin | Publication

AnnaMarie Conner (CAREER awardee) and Carlos Nicolas Gomez (2014-15 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this article for the Journal of Mathematical Behavior.

Pre-service K-8 Teachers’ Professional Noticing and Strategy Evaluation Skills: An Exploratory Study | Publication

Vecihi S. Zambak (2018 CADRE Postdoc) and Marta Magiera (CAREER awardee) published this article in the EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education.

Promoting Linguistically Diverse Students’ Short-Term and Long-Term Understanding of Chemical Phenomena Using Visualizations | Publication

Kihyun (Kelly) Ryoo (CAREER awardee), Kristin Bedell, and Amanda Swearingen co-authored this article for the December 2018 issue of Journal of Science Education and Technology.

Elementary Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Structure and Properties of Matter | Publication

Deborah Hanuscin, Dante Cisterna, and Kelsey Lipsitz (2016-17 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this article for the Journal of Science Teacher Education.

Modeling with tape diagrams | Publication

Meixia Ding (CAREER awardee) published this article in Teaching Children Mathematics.

Teacher's Toolkit: The Argumentation Toolkit | Publication

María González-Howard (2015-16 CADRE Fellow), Lisa Marco-Bujosa, Katherine McNeill, Megan Goss, and Suzanna Loper co-authored this Science Scope article.

#BlackGirlMagic: The Identity Conceptualization of Black Women in Undergraduate STEM Education | Publication

Terrell Morton (2018 CADRE Postdoc) co-authored this Science Education article with Eileen Parsons.

Why and how do middle school students exchange ideas during science inquiry? | Publication

Camillia Matuk (2010-11 CADRE Fellow) and Marcia Linn co-authored this article for the September 2018 issue of the International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning.

Former CADRE Fellows receive new DRK-12 awards | Awards & Recognition

Former CADRE Fellows Casey Hord (2010-11), Jamie Mikeska (2010-11), and Emily Moore (2011-12) are among the recipients of DRK-12 awards for 2018.

Sorto Named 2018-19 National Science Foundation Program Officer | In the News

M. Alejandra Sorto (CAREER awardee) will serve as an NSF program officer for the 2018-19 academic year. 

Applied STEM Coursework, High School Dropout Rates, and Students with Learning Disabilities | Publication

Jay Plasman (2015-16 CADRE Fellow) and Michael Gottfried co-authored this article for Educational Policy (EPX).

Former CADRE Fellow receives Fulbright grant | Awards & Recognition

Christina Bosch (2015-16 CADRE Fellow) was one of fourteen UMass Amherst students/alumni to be awarded a 2018-19 Fulbright grant. In 2019 she will research teacher attitudes toward inclusive education in Chile.

Former CADRE Fellow selected for Strategic Data Project Fellowship | In the News

Andrew Morozov (2009-10 CADRE Fellow) was selected to participate in the Strategic Data Project Fellowship, a competitive two-year professional development program of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University.

Scaffolding scientific thinking: Students’ evaluations and judgments during Earth science knowledge construction | Publication

Doug Lombardi, Janelle M. Bailey, Elliot S. Bickel, Shondricka Burrell (2017-18 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this article for the July 2018 issue of Contemporary Educational Psychology.

NUSPK (Noticing and Using Students' Prior Knowledge) Website | Presentation

CAREER project Noticing and Using Students' Prior Knowledge has archived its materials, including animations and videos of teachers' classrooms to focus attention on students' mathematical thinking, on a new website.