Victoria VanUitert

About Me (Bio)
Victoria J. VanUitert is a PhD student in Special Education in the Curry School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia. She is a research assistant on the Scientific Explorers project in which she helps with the development of materials, provides feedback, participates in team meetings, and assesses and instructs students using the study-created materials. Herresearch interests focus on the development of interventions to support scientific content and conceptual knowledge growth among students with high-incidence disabilities and enhancing teacher practices to further facilitate science achievement in these students. Her research interests are influenced by the experience that she had had as an elementary-school teacher of students with disabilities, English learners, gifted students, and general education students,as well as her experience with NASA’s Pre-Service Teaching Institute. Victoria is a 2019-20 CADRE Fellow.
The University of Texas at Austin

The purpose of this project is to design and empirically evaluate a second grade science program, Scientific Explorers, aimed at promoting an early foundation for learning science among all students, including students at risk for or with learning disabilities in reading and mathematics. To support students as they engage in scientific tasks associated with Earth's Systems, this project will engineer the Scientific Explorers program around a guided inquiry framework, and develop and empirically validate a science assessment that measures students' knowledge and application of core science concepts and practices related to Earth's Systems.