Josie Melton


Professional Title: 
Instructor - Science, Math, and Technology Education
About Me (Bio): 
Josie Melton is an instructor of Elementary Science Education courses in the Science, Math, and Technology Education (SMATE) program and a research associate at Western Washington University. Josie is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia, studying Science Education in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy. Josie’s dissertation research explores incorporating a sense of wonder in elementary classrooms and how re-connecting with a sense of wonder might influence preservice teachers’ attitudes and ideas about teaching science.
Western Washington University (WWU)

This project is conducting a longitudinal study of the effects of a pre-service elementary science education.  Through overlapping studies on the pre-service teachers (PSTs) and in-service teachers who are graduates of the program, this project is seeking to analyze the impact of three essential dimensions of teacher preparation: inquiry-based science content courses, science methods/practicum courses, and k-12 mentor teachers.