Jessica Hunt


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Associate Professor
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I research learner complexity in inclusive small groups settings and one-on-one settings both inside and outside the contexts of schools. My work examines issues of access and inequality in relation to how children exhibit their thinking, the factors that may influence learning, and how teachers can navigate the uniqueness of students’ implicit and explicit thought processes. I also ground my work in the policy and systems level issues that schools and teachers face today.
Citations of DRK-12 or Related Work (DRK-12 work is denoted by *): 
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North Carolina State University (NCSU)

This project is documenting how students with learning disabilities (LD) access and advance their conceptual understanding of fractions.  Rather than focusing on the knowledge students do not have, this work is focused on uncovering students' informal knowledge that can bridge to fractions and how instruction can be used to promote conceptual change.