December 2023 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

As we end 2023, we want to thank all of you who shared your research and what you’re learning about preK-12 STEM education (e.g., through project Spotlights, the DRK-12 PI Meeting, and the assessment working group and report), as well as mentored researchers while contributing to our efforts to engage a broader base of researchers in DRK-12 (e.g., through the Learning Series, CADRE Fellows, and the Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum of DRK-12 video blog). We also thank those who have added resources to the library. We have more than 1,300 resources produced by DRK-12 projects, including more than 80 resources for educators. Finally, we extend our gratitude to the individuals who have completed our awardee survey, enabling us to tailor our services to you. We also thank in advance those who will complete the portfolio survey, contributing to our understanding of the DRK-12 portfolio and support for the DRK-12 program and the field.

In this newsletter, we’re taking a pause from our standard articles to reflect on 2023, highlight resources and information the DRK-12 community found most compelling, and invite you to revisit those you missed.

In January, we will launch the new year with a new Learning Series on Rural Partnerships. Learn more and register below.

We hope you have time to relax over the next several weeks.

The CADRE Team

CADRE Learning Series: Rural Partnerships

Part 1 Panel | Wednesday, January 24, 2024, 12:30 – 2 PM ET
Part 2 Consultations | Tuesday, February 13, 2024, 12:30 – 2 PM ET

Recognizing the unique needs of rural schools, DRK-12 researchers are working in partnerships with rural communities across the U.S. to support STEM education. In this Learning Series, researchers will share their strategies, structures, and wisdom from their research partnerships. Following the panel webinar on January 24, we will have small-group consultations on February 13, where participants can consult with the presenters to get feedback on their own partnership work (current or potential) in rural settings.

A Review of Popular DRK-12 News and Resources from 2023

We're looking back on DRK-12 work in 2023 and sharing some of the most popular content.

Most Visited 2023 Spotlights

Rural STEM Education

DRK-12 Impact Studies

DRK-12 Collaborative Projects
Several of our older Spotlights continue to receive high traffic, including Visual Representations in Mathematics (2018), Artificial Intelligence in STEM Teaching & Learning (2022), and Analyzing & Interpreting Data Across STEM Disciplines (2020).

Most Clicked 2023 Newsbites

  1. Student-Generated Connections in Learning About Compound Probability and Their Emergence During Instruction | Statistics Education Research Journal | Authors: Randall Groth, Megan Rickards, and Elizabeth Roehm
  2. Envisioning the Future of Learning and Teaching Engineering in the Artificial Intelligence Era: Opportunities and Challenges | Journal of Engineering Education | Author: Muhsin Menekse
  3. Teachers’ Evaluations of Geometry Problems That Use Visual Arts Contexts | Electronic Journal for Research in Science and Mathematics Education | Authors: Gloriana Gonzalez and Christine N. Rinkenberger

Popular 2023 Social Media Posts

New Awards IconMost Reach on Facebook:
Today's featured #NewDRK12Award is collaborative: The Smart Playground: Computational Thinking Through Robotics in Early Childhood #EdResearch #NSFfunded #NSFSTEM STEMEd University of California, Irvine Boston College Tufts University Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach

Image of FellowMost Impressions on Twitter:
We are now accepting applications for the 2024 CADRE Fellows Program! Please help spread the word about this early career STEM #EdResearch opportunity. #NSFfunded @NSF #CADREFellows #earlycareer #STEMEd @DrTRMorton @ilana_horn #opportunity #nsfstem

2024 Fellows CohortMost Social Media Engagement:
We are so thrilled to announce the 2024 CADRE Fellows! Congratulations to this talented group of early career researchers. This and more in our latest newsletter: @NSF #NSFDRK12 #NSFSTEM #EdResearch #STEMEd #EarlyCareer

Most Viewed 2023 DRK-12 Community Voices Blog Posts

Place Matters: Preparing STEM Teachers for Rural Schools

by Devon Brenner

Learning Trajectories and Equity: Making a Strong Link Stronger

by Jere Confrey and Alan Maloney

Argument in Science Education

by Jonathan Osborne

Several of our older blog posts continue to receive high traffic, including Subject Matter Knowledge Is Important! (2020) by Julie Luft; What Is Environmental Literacy? (2021) by Karen Hollweg; and Tips for Planning a Conference Session (2021) by The CADRE Team.

Most Viewed DRK-12 Project Resources in 2023

  1. Data Nuggets | Product for Educators
  2. Common Misconceptions About Heat and Insulation | Product for Educators
  3. Research on Technology in Mathematics Education: Theoretical Frameworks and Practical Examples | Publication

Find a compilation of 2023 DRK-12 publications in our Reading List.

Most Viewed DRK-12 Project Pages* in 2023

  1. Supporting Rural STEM Middle School Teachers and Career Counselors in the Development of Effective STEM Content and Career Development Experiences (PI: Dodie Limberg)
  2. Engineering for Students with Extensive Support Needs (PI: Bree Jimenez)
  3. Building High School Students' Understanding of Evolution Through Collection and Analysis of Data, Evidence-based Arguments, and an Understanding of Heredity (PI: Louisa Stark)

*Not including the DRK-12 resource networks Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education and Evidence Quality and Reach Hub for the DRK-12 Community's project pages.

Most Viewed Virtual Posters at the 2023 DRK-12 PI Meeting

Practice-Driven Professional Development for Algebra Teachers (PI: Zandra de Araujo)

CAREER: Cultivating Teachers' Epistemic Empathy to Promote Responsive Teaching (PI: Lama Jaber)

Using Animated Contrasting Cases to Improve Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge in Geometry (PI: Erin Krupa)

Congratulations also to Ying-Chih Chen, whose poster received the most likes on the PI meeting platform.

Most Viewed CADRE Resources in 2023

  1. NSF Proposal Toolkit
  2. Classroom-Based STEM Assessment: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives
  3. CADRE Learning Series


Most Clicked Project Tip of 2023

Project Tip: Ethical Excellence for Equitable Impact

In the pursuit of equitable STEM education, it's not enough to ask the right research questions; we must also ensure our research practices are in accord with the Common Rule and align with principles of fairness and justice. Here are several resources to help us navigate this intersection:

December Newsbites

Read this month's roundup of news from NSF, NSF networks, and DRK-12 projects and awardees.

News from NSF

News from NSF Networks

News from DRK-12 Projects and Awardees


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