NSF Proposal Toolkit

Learn more about NSF’s funding opportunities in education and explore resources to help you in the proposal preparation, submission, and review process.


Part 1: NSF DRK-12 Program & Solicitation | Other NSF EHR Funding Opportunities

Part 2: Key Document PAPPG | NSF Virtual Grants Conferences | Biographical Sketch & Current and Pending Support | Eligibility for Organizations New to Applying to NSF | The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology | Proposal Submission

Part 3: Advice for Developing a Successful DRK-12 or EHR Proposal | Get to Know What's Been Funded through the DRK-12 Program | Research Design |Project Team, Partners, and Collaborators | Broader Impacts | Dissemination and Sustainability | Evaluation

Part 4: You won the award! Now What?


NSF DRK-12 Program & Solicitation