Spotlights on STEM Education Topics

Examine STEM pathway and workforce development in PreK-12, including projects that are researching and innovating approaches that allow and encourage all students to pursue continued study or careers in STEM.

Citizen Science and crowdsourcing projects enable the public—young and old, students and teachers, amateur and expert—to participate in scientific data collection and research. In this Spotlight, you'll read about five projects funded by NSF's DRK-12 program to support STEM learning and discovery through Citizen Science projects.

Explore how DRK-12 projects are increasing access to resources and opportunities in rural communities that can improve student achievement and representation in STEM.

CADRE Products

Quality early STEM experiences provide a critical foundation for learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in ways that facilitate later learning. Early childhood...

Broadening participation in PreK–12 STEM provides ALL students with STEM learning experiences that can prepare them for civic life and the workforce. In this way, broadening participation has the...

This paper seeks to provide a resource for prospective DRK–12 grantees by identifying some of the theories that current and recent DRK–12 grantees are using in their research on broadening...

DRK-12 Research and Products

This graphic is designed to support students, teachers, and families in thinking across timescales to understand socio-ecological relationships to place across time.
A guide for how to use Histories of Place in planning and instruction.
This resource focuses on engaging learners and their families in field-based science that connects family knowledge and place-based, student-led investigations.