Julie Luft

Professional Title
Athletic Association Professor
Citations of DRK-12 or Related Work (DRK-12 work is denoted by *)
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Arizona State University (ASU)

This research study focuses on the impact of different teacher preparation and induction models, as well as on the quality and persistence of secondary science teachers. Combining the strengths of case-based research with a quasi-experimental design this study will follow 120 secondary science teachers for three years from four different and well characterized preservice - induction programs.

University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. (UGARF), University of Georgia (UGA)

This project examines the effect of four different types of induction programs (district-based, e-mentoring, university-based, intern programs) on 100 5th year teachers of secondary science. The teachers involved in the study have participated in a previous study during their first three years of teaching.

University of Georgia (UGA)

This project will develop and test a professional development program designed for school district science coordinators by examining impacts of participating coordinators on science teachers and their students.