Jacqueline DeLisi

About Me (Bio)
Jacqueline DeLisi, Ed.D., senior research associate at EDC, currently works on a variety of projects related to program evaluation in formal and informal settings and research on teaching practices. She actively contributes to both quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, and reporting, including the development and testing of the ISIOP observation protocol as well as several survey instruments. She currently serves as a PI on the NSF-funded Ecosystems and Evidence project.

Jackie has been active in the field of education for more than fifteen years. She taught middle school science in the Denver Public Schools before coming to the Boston area to pursue a doctoral degree. Her dissertation, completed in 2008, was a mixed-methods study of the relationship between urban middle school climate and accountability policies. She also worked for several years as a teaching fellow and graduate assistant, encouraging undergraduates to pursue careers in urban and science education.

Prior to coming to EDC, Jackie served as an educational research consultant at the Cheche Konnen Center at TERC, where she contributed to a project that examined the social and cultural development of teacher community and professional development.

Jackie holds a B.A. in chemistry from New York University; M.A. in curriculum and instruction, with an emphasis on secondary science instruction and english as a second language from the University of Colorado; and an Ed.D. in educational administration, training, and policy studies from Boston University.
Trustees of Boston University, Boston University (BU)

This collaborative project is developing instruments to assess secondary teachers' Mathematical Habits of Mind (MHoM). These habits bring parsimony, focus, and coherence to teachers' mathematical thinking and, in turn, to their work with students. This work fits into a larger research agenda with the ultimate goal of understanding the connections between secondary teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching and secondary students' mathematical understanding and achievement.

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)

This project is developing and testing assessments for improving instruction, exploring how students can learn challenging content, and enhancing the ability of teachers to provide this content. The guiding question is, Can students develop an understanding of the ecological nature of science (ENOS) in high school biology and environmental science classes that is useful and productive in environmental citizenship?