May 2024 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

In this newsletter, we focus on project development, specifically highlighting insights and expertise from your DRK-12 and NSF colleagues, in preparation for the coming weeks and months when many of you will be fleshing out and refining your proposal ideas, digesting review panel feedback and considering a resubmission, and/or fostering relationships that may lead to new collaborations. For a comprehensive set of proposal development resources, visit our NSF Proposal Toolkit.

We are excited to share a new brief on recruitment and retention. We also invite you to read two new blog posts on innovative dissemination methods and making an impact through evidence building and knowledge mobilization, as well as review perspective pieces on approaches to external review in DRK-12 research. Thank you to all the awardees who shared their knowledge for the benefit of others. We hope you enjoy reading what we’ve learned and can leverage a tip or strategy for your next project! Visit our DRK-12 Community Voices Blog for more researcher perspectives. 

For those considering submitting a DRK-12 proposal for partnership development, we encourage you to attend an upcoming NSF webinar on this project type. NSF program directors will provide clarity on requirements and opportunities outlined in the partnership development project type of the DRK-12 solicitation.

Our recent CADRE Learning Series webinar, Ethical Use of AI in STEM Education Research, offered a rich discussion of critical ideas and tools to support ethical and just use of AI. Stay tuned for the related brief, to be released next month.  


The CADRE Team

NSF DRK-12 Solicitation: Partnership Development Project Type | Webinar Registration

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June 11, 2024 | 1-2:30 PM ET

Join NSF for an information session focused on the DRK-12 program’s new partnership development project type, announced in 2023, during which program directors will answer participants' questions. Please submit your questions about this funding opportunity during registration. 

NSF Presenters: Joan Walker and Michael Ford, project directors, DRL, STEM EDU

CADRE Learning Series: Ethical Use of AI in STEM Education Research | Webinar Recording

Learning Series Panelists

The first webinar in our CADRE Learning Series on AI in STEM Education Research featured authors of an upcoming CADRE Brief, Toward Ethical and Just AI in Education Research. The panelists discussed critical conversations, considerations, and approaches for researchers leveraging AI in their STEM education research to help ensure that their use of artificial intelligence protects participants and helps address rather than exacerbate inequities in STEM teaching and learning. View the webinar slides.

The brief is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Recruiting and Retaining Participants for STEM Education Research | Brief

We interviewed researchers to learn about their most effective strategies for recruiting and retaining participants for STEM education research. While there are no shortcuts to successful recruitment, a sustained commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of a district and its teachers is key to long-term success. In this new brief, we share practices that have proven successful for experienced researchers.

Disseminating DRK-12 Work: Extending Engagement | Blog Post

CADRE gathered data through our annual survey about the innovative dissemination methods DRK–12 awardees employ to share their insights and inform a diverse audience that includes policymakers, educators, and the public at large. We share an overview of those approaches in this blog post.

Making an Impact on Education: Building Evidence, Working in Partnership, and Mobilizing Knowledge | Blog Post

In this blog post, CADRE shares perspectives gathered from researchers and NSF program officers on transforming findings from education research into action to make a meaningful impact on teaching and learning.

Evaluating DRK-12 Research | Blog Posts

All DRK-12 proposals are required to include external critical reviews of their designs and activities. In two blog posts, awardees and evaluators on DRK-12 awards have shared insights that may help you consider what evaluation structures and processes to incorporate into your submission as well as how evaluation activities can support and inform your project activities. 

External Review of DRK–12 Projects
Seasoned evaluators offer recommendations and considerations for those deciding whether to build an advisory board, external review panel, and/or evaluator into your project.         

The Role of Evaluation in Research Projects
Scholars involved in both research and evaluation on DRK-12 awards offer insights into the potential role of evaluation in STEM education research projects and how it might differ from and complement that of the research program.

Current Perspectives on STEM Education Topics | Report & Project Spotlights

As you situate your proposal idea within the Report authorsbroader field, consider how your work builds on recent innovations and advances as well as strategies for addressing perennial challenges associated with improving teaching and learning, We encourage you to read what your DRK-12 colleagues have shared about their work on a variety of critical topics within STEM education research.

Classroom-Based STEM Assessment: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives
This report takes stock of what we currently know and need to know to make classroom assessment maximally beneficial for STEM teaching and learning. It draws inspiration from two decades of research on assessment in STEM education with emphasis on DRK-12-funded work.         

Spotlights on STEM Education Research
Each month, we highlight projects working in specific topic areas within the DRK-12 portfolio. In addition to sharing more information about their approaches, products, and findings, projects often offer advice to others considering work in those areas and suggest strategies for addressing some of the biggest challenges they face in their work. Recent Spotlights include:

Project Tip: Take Advantage of NSF Resource Network Proposal Development Resources

While this newsletter primarily focuses on insights, advice, and lessons learned from your peers, CADRE and our fellow NSF Resource Networks offer full suites of resources designed to support you and your team throughout the proposal development process. We highlight a few key offerings here:


News from NSF

News from NSF Networks

News from DRK-12 Projects and Awardees


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Upcoming Opportunities

The following funding and publication opportunities, listed by deadline, may be of interest to you and your DRK-12 project members.


For more NSF funding opportunities, see CADRE's list of Upcoming NSF DRL EHR Solicitation Deadlines.


For other publication opportunities, including those with ongoing submissions, see CADRE's list of Publications for STEM Educators, Policymakers, and Researchers.
For more conference information, see CADRE's list of Conferences for STEM Educators, Policymakers, and Researchers.

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