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Family and community engagement in education can contribute to positive student outcomes. Read how projects featured in this month’s Spotlight are including families and caregivers across preK-12 grades in their interventions and what they’re learning from this engagement. The accompanying blog post focuses on how family engagement in STEM learning is evolving as a research topic.

We’re very excited about our newest Learning Series on AI in STEM Education. The first in the series, Ethical Use of AI in STEM Education Research, is scheduled for May 15. Register early for the conversation about issues and tools related the development of inclusive and equitable AI learning experiences. Watch for news about the next webinar in the series which will focus on generative AI in STEM teaching.

Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending (Other) Support forms are now available in SciENcv and required for proposals submitted or due on or after May 20, 2024. Refer to the new NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 24-1) for more information about the required forms.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy just released the 2023 Progress Report on the Implementation of the Federal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Strategic Plan. The report includes a summary of progress on the implementation of the current 5-year STEM education strategic plan, a description of the ways federal agencies work together to address common challenges, and an inventory of federal STEM education programs.

For those keeping track of NSF funding, the congressionally approved NSF FY24 budget at $9,060 million is a reduction from last year’s at $9,874 million. The STEM Education division’s budget is reduced from $1,371 million in FY23 to $1,172 million in FY24. Notably, the final STEM education appropriations continue to support investments in regions of the country that have lower educational attainment and higher rates of poverty while encouraging partnerships with community colleges.


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Family Engagement to Support STEM Learning | Spotlight

Image of kids and parents at a family science night.

This Spotlight highlights the ways in which DRK-12 projects are engaging families and caregivers to support STEM learning, including building parent leadership capacity and co-creating and testing home-based activities. The nine featured projects discuss the impacts and benefits of engaging family and caregivers, offer advice on successful approaches to family engagement, and share insights and findings. In our featured blog post, Cory Buxton and Diana Crespo Camacho discuss the need for more research in the area of family engagement to support STEM learning.

In this Spotlight:

New CADRE Learning Series: AI in STEM Education Research | Upcoming Event

Learning Series PanelistsEthical Use of AI in STEM Education Research
May 15, 2024 | 2-3:30 PM ET

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have changed the role of AI in education research. How do we navigate these changes ethically in our research and proposal writing? What questions should we be considering as education researchers? Join us on May 15 to hear from authors of an upcoming CADRE brief titled Towards Ethical and Just AI in Education Research to learn and discuss strategies to ethically navigating AI in education research. 

Moderator: Ilana Horn, Vanderbilt University
Panelists: Tiffany Barnes, North Carolina State University; Joshua Danish, Indiana University; Samantha Finkelstein, Carnegie Mellon University; and Ole Molvig, Vanderbilt University

Recent DRK-12 Publications | Resources

We are happy to report that we continue to receive news of your projects’ presentations, publications, and other products in response to CADRE surveys. Since our last newsletter, awardees have shared publications discussing equity and justice in STEM education, game-based learning in both math and science, data science and data-rich education, epistemic orientations to teaching, community-engaged and culturally sustaining education, and more. We invite you to visit or revisit our list of recent publications, products, and tools from DRK-12 projects to learn more about the findings and promising approaches emerging from your colleagues’ work. These resources have also been added to CADRE’s online collection of DRK-12 Research and Products and associated projects’ profile pages.

We are gathering this information through two active surveys: the annual DRK-12 portfolio survey of currently funded projects and a dissemination survey of projects that recently wrapped up their work. Check your inboxes for a survey invitation or email cadre@edc.org if you have questions about sharing news from your project. We will continue to update the list of presentations as survey results come in and will promote presentations, publications, and products via newsletters and our website in the coming months.

Project Tip: NSF Acknowledgment

DRK-12 award recipients must acknowledge NSF support in their products. That acknowledgment must align with NSF PAPPG guidelines, including the use of NSF's acknowledgment of support and disclaimer statements on research products.

If you use the NSF logo, be aware of their branding requirements. For instance, did you know that the NSF logo must be at least 5/8” and include 1/8 of the logo’s height or width in open space around the logo? If you aren’t already familiar with NSF’s branding requirements, learn about them in NSF 101: The NSF Brand Identity.


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Do you have news to share? Email cadre@edc.org.

Upcoming Opportunities

The following funding and publication opportunities, listed by deadline, may be of interest to you and your DRK-12 project members.


For more NSF funding opportunities, see CADRE's list of Upcoming NSF DRL EHR Solicitation Deadlines.


For other publication opportunities, including those with ongoing submissions, see CADRE's list of Publications for STEM Educators, Policymakers, and Researchers.
For more conference information, see CADRE's list of Conferences for STEM Educators, Policymakers, and Researchers.

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