Todd Campbell

Professional Title
Associate Professor of Science Education
About Me (Bio)
Dr. Todd Campbell is an Associate Professor at UMass Dartmouth. Previously, Todd was an Associate Professor at Utah State University where he led the secondary science education program. Todd's research focuses on factors influencing current reform in science education. This is supported by investigating science teacher professional development, scientific inquiry/modeling instructional practices and science/technology integration. Todd is the principal investigator for a National Science Foundation project focused on integrating technology into science instruction and past investigator for a state-level Mathematics Science Partnership Professional development project partnering science teachers and scientists in curriculum development. He has published in the International Journal of Science Education, the Journal of Science Teacher Education, and the Journal of Science Education and Technology, among others.
University of Connecticut (UConn), University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (UMass Dartmouth), Utah State University (USU)

This project explores the potential of information and communications technologies (ICT) as cognitive tools for engaging students in scientific inquiry and for enhancing teacher learning. A comprehensive professional development program of over 240 hours, along with follow-up is used to determine how teachers can be supported to use ICT tools effectively in classroom instruction to create meaningful learning experiences for students, reduce the gap between formal and informal learning, and improve student learning outcomes.