December 2022 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

As we near the end of 2022, CADRE is taking a look back at the past year of DRK-12 ideas and resources that made an impact and taking note of some of the important influences on STEM education research.

During 2022, CADRE focused on broadening participation in the DRK-12 program and building capacity for quality education research through our CADRE Fellows program, Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum of DRK-12 video series, and CADRE Learning Series. (Register for our upcoming learning series on using video in research!) We began planning the 2023 DRK-12 PI Meeting and engaged a group to consider DRK-12’s influence on classroom-based assessment. (Watch for the group’s report in the winter.) We’re not alone in capacity-building efforts. The Evidence and Quality Research (EQR) Hub hosted a series of webinars, and a DRK-12-funded conference grant resulted in the book Doing Research: A New Researcher’s Guide. We hope these efforts and our resources on have served you well, and we always invite your suggestions for additional ways we can offer support. While we were busy, so were you! Below you’ll find popular Spotlights, blog posts, tweets, videos, and more highlighting DRK-12 work.

In case you missed them, catch up on the following recently released federal agency reports. The CoSTEM progress report provides an update on federal STEM education activities. The 2021 Survey of Earned Doctorates includes data on 1,204 recipients of education research doctorates. And the Chips Act points to some relevant questions to consider as we engage in education research, such as How does our work support ecosystems to cultivate rigorous, culturally relevant, and joyful STEM classrooms with a focus on belonging that meets the needs of underrepresented students and educators? How will we know and track the number of stakeholders who will be impacted by this commitment, including states, districts, schools, educators, and students? How are we changing and improving the experiences of students and educators because of our work? How will our commitment increase impact across the STEM ecosystem? How do we plan to achieve the outcomes, and why do we think our approach will work?

We’re looking forward to a productive 2023 and are excited to bring members of our community together at the PI meeting. Happy Holidays!

CADRE Learning Series: Using Video in DRK-12 Research

January 27, 1:30-3:00 PM ET

Moderator: Ilana Horn, Vanderbilt University
Panelists: Heather Hill, Harvard University; Joanne Lobato, San Diego State University; Nanette Seago, WestEd; Erica Walker, Columbia University

Do you want to introduce video approaches into your research or figure out new strategies for recording and analyzing video data? In the first webinar of this Learning Series, learn how researchers incorporate video into their studies for a range of purposes and at different scales. In a follow-up session, you will have the opportunity to join smaller consultation groups to discuss design ideas for your own studies.

A Review of Popular DRK-12 News and Resources from 2022

We're looking back on DRK-12 work in 2022 and sharing some of the most popular content.

Most Visited 2022 Spotlights

Culturally Responsive STEM Education

Motivation & Engagement in STEM Education 

Exploratory Research
Several of our older Spotlights continue to receive high traffic, including Visual Representations in Mathematics (2018), Modeling in Science & Mathematics Education (2020), and Teacher Content Knowledge (2020).

Most Clicked 2022 Newsbites

  1. Joseph Krajcik was named University Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University.
  2. Latiné, Latinx, Latina, Latino, or Hispanic: Problematizing Terms Often Used in Engineering Education | Journal of Engineering Education | Authors: Idalis Villanueva AlarcónJoel Alejandro Mejia (2013-14 CADRE Fellow), Janice Mejia, and Renata Revelo
  3. A tie! Steps to Designing Justice-Focused Assessments in Science | STEM Teaching Tools | Authors: William R. Penuel, Caroline Estrada Carlson, Shannon Wachowski, Debra Freitas, Adrian Alvarez, Robert Hamilton, Amanda Schild, and Ali Raza; Leading Instructional Improvement in Elementary Science: State Science Coordinators' Sense-Making about the Next Generation Science Standards | Journal of Research in Science Teaching | Authors: Christa Haverly (2018-19 CADRE Fellow), Angela Lyle, James P. Spillane, Elizabeth A. Davis, and Donald J. Peurach; and Debating Mathematics Curriculum: A Review of Andrew Hacker’s The Math Myth and Other STEM Delusions | The Mathematics Enthusiast | Author: Samuel Otten

Popular 2022 Social Media Posts

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We are thrilled to announce the 2022 CADRE Fellows! Thank you to everyone who applied, and congratulations to our newest cohort! #EdResearch #CADREFellows #DEIJ #NSFfunded

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Did you know that you can share your #NSFfunded work via #NSFStories? Learn more: #dissemination @NSF #EdResearch #STEM #stemeducation #STEMEd

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CADRE is excited to announce a free two-part learning series on designing case study research! Learn more and register: @NSF #NSFfunded #EdResearch #AcademicTwitter @ilana_horn @zdearaujo @hosunkang @amynoelleparks @bzahnersdsu

Most Viewed DRK-12 Project Resources in 2022

  1. Data Nuggets | Product for Educators
  2. CRIS 7e Lesson Plan Template | Product for Educators
  3. Considerations for STEM Education from PreK Through Grade 3 | Publication

Find a compilation of 2022 DRK-12 publications in our Reading List.

Most Viewed DRK-12 Videos in the 2022 STEM For All Video Showcase

Exploring Virtual Reality with Secondary STEM Teachers

Community Science Investigations for Social Justice

Reaching Across the Hallway

Most Viewed CADRE Resources in 2022

  1. NSF Proposal Toolkit
  2. Curricula & Resources for Educators
  3. Dissemination Toolkit


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