April 2022 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

We thank all of you who completed our recent survey of DRK-12 projects. Based on the results, we’re taking an initial look at the ways DRK-12 projects are engaging underserved populations and addressing broadening participation in STEM education. If you haven’t completed the survey, please add your data now and make sure your project is represented. Contact cadre@edc.org for assistance.

The final webinar in CADRE’s Learning Series on professional development design for those who don’t study PD is May 3. There is still time to register. If you missed Part 1 of the Learning Series or the webinar on culturally responsive science instruction, recordings of both are available. Read more below. We also hope that you carve some time in your agenda between May 10 and 17 for the annual STEM for All Video Showcase! CADRE will be highlighting DRK-12 project videos during the event and throughout the year on Twitter. Follow us at @CADREK12.
DRK-12 awards continue to flow in. Are you new to writing grant proposals? Listen to a sneak preview of CADRE’s upcoming podcast series. The first episode, Post-panel Pop-off, shares insights from CADRE co-PIs Drs. Ilana Horn and Terrell Morton as well as NSF program directors about potential proposal issues that are fresh on their minds having just served on proposal review panels.
Equity is the focus of several recent agency reports. NSF’s new Agency Equity Action Plan includes addressing harassment, improving demographic data collection in support of equity assessments, and increasing participation of entities such as minority-serving institutions and Indigenous and Native American communities. Meanwhile, the National Academies released The Future of Education Research at IES: Advancing an Equity-Oriented Science, which focuses on research at IES’s National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research. The National Academies also released A Vision and Roadmap for Education Statistics. Read about the vision priorities, including addressing the topics of equity and equal access in all aspects of its data collection, analysis, and dissemination activities.

The CADRE Team

Snapshot of Active DRK-12 Awards: Broadening Participation

CADRE recently conducted a survey of active DRK-12 awards to characterize and synthesize aspects of the portfolio. We’re taking an initial look at the ways DRK-12 projects are engaging underserved populations and addressing broadening participation in STEM education through their research and development. The following infographic provides a preliminary snapshot of the results:

Infographic with preliminary data on projects targeting underrepresented in active DRK-12 awards.

While analysis is underway, we will incorporate additional data later this summer. If you are a PI on an active DRK-12 award, you can still make sure your work is represented by responding to the survey link sent on April 7, 2022.

Culturally Responsive STEM Instruction Webinar | Resources & Recording

This April 4 webinar explored innovative models and tools at the frontier of culturally relevant and responsive instruction. Researchers described frameworks for equitable and responsive science teaching, models for developing responsive teaching practices, and tools for examining those practices.
The panelists curated a list of resources, including the webinar slides, culturally responsive instructional tools and readings (including population-specific resources), and information about the panelists' research programs.

CADRE Learning Series on Professional Development for Researchers Who Don't Study PD | Part 3: Webinar

May 3, 12-1 PM ET
In Part 3 of the CADRE Learning Series: Professional Development for Researchers Who Don’t Study PD, panelists will discuss what they learned from their design consultations, sharing how they applied (or modified) PD design principles to address the investigators’ needs.
In Part 1 of the learning series, expert panelists shared important design principles for PD during a webinar. Part 2 of the series included consultations with panelists about specific issues in their PD designs.

Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum of DRK-12 | Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Series

CADRE co-PIs Ilana Horn and Terrell Morton teamed up to create podcast episodes to provide prospective awardees with grant writing tips. Thank you to NSF Program Officers Mike Steele, Robert Ochsendorf, Margret Hjalmarlson, Joan Walker, Gavin Fulmer, and Michael Ford for offering their advice too!
Watch the first video episode, Post Panel Pop-off, on our YouTube channel!

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