CADRE Learning Series

Professional Development for Researchers Who Don’t Study PD

Are you incorporating a professional development (PD) component into your non-PD DRK-12 project or proposal (i.e., it’s not the primary focus and your team may have different expertise)? Register for this free webinar series to learn from and work with expert colleagues on PD design.

In this three part CADRE Learning Series, participants had an opportunity to refine the designs for the professional development (PD) components of their DRK12 projects or proposals. In the first interactive webinar, our expert panelists shared important design principles for PD. After the webinar, participants had an opportunity to consult with panelists about specific issues in their PD designs. In a follow up webinar, the panelists shared what they learned from their design consultations, sharing how they applied (or modified) the design principles to address the investigators’ needs and resources.

Learning Series Resources:

Moderator: Ilana Horn, Vanderbilt University (bio)
Panelists: Ruth Heaton, Teachers Development Group (bio); Lama Ziad Jaber, Florida State University (bio); Kari Kokka, University of Pittsburgh (bio); Jessica Thompson, University of Washington (bio)