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Poster | An Innovative Approach to Earth Science Teacher Preparation: Uniting Science Education, and Schools to Raise Student Achievement
Co-Principal Investigators: Ro Kinzler, Ed Mathez, and Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, American Museum of Natural History
Posted: Monday, June 18
Organization | Gargani + Company
Posted: Thursday, June 07
Blog | Proposals, Posters, Advocacy, Curriculum, and STEM Education (2012 PI Meeting Reflection)
On Being Inducted into the DRK-12 ProgramAs a CADRE Fellow, one of my tasks at the DRK-12 PI Meeting--in addition to making new connections and learning about the projects that are being funded by the DRK-12 program--is to blog about the sessions that I attend. The first day was a real interesting one, and this is the first of my posts on my experiences. I have learned that given the...
Posted: Saturday, June 02
Announcement | 2013 AERA Call for Submissions
The 2013 AERA Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, April 27 – Wednesday, May 1 in San Francisco, California. William G. Tierney, AERA President and Kristen Renn, Chair, 2013 Program Committee are pleased to announce this year’s Annual Meeting Theme: “Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy and Praxis”. Now is the time to advance a paper or session submission for consideration by a...
Posted: Friday, June 01
Posted: Wednesday, May 30
Tool | Discovery Research K-12 (DR K-12): Descriptive Overview of Portfolio
The Discovery Research K-12 (DR K-12) program, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL), supports high-quality research and development on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning and teaching. The portfolio of DR K-12 projects span what NSF has characterized as a cycle of research and...
Posted: Tuesday, May 29
Posted: Saturday, May 26
Organization | Queens College, CUNY
Posted: Wednesday, May 23
Announcement | Request for Public Comment
Design Principles for Federal STEM Education Investments These design principles will inform the federal strategic plan for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education investments made by NSF and other federal STEM agencies. Comments will be received through June 15, 2012, 11:59PM EST.  All comments should be submitted electronically using the commenting function on the www...
Posted: Tuesday, May 22
Project | Educational Design and Development: Planning for a STEM Learning Research Transformation
This is a planning effort to explore future directions and innovations related to educational design in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in partnership with the International Society for Design and Development in Education. The planning activity will engage a core group of ISDDE principals in the articulation and examination of design processes for the Transforming STEM...
Posted: Thursday, May 17
Posted: Thursday, May 17
Posted: Wednesday, May 16
PI Meeting Session | Using Learning Progression Research in Classroom Settings
This session includes five projects engaged in design research to develop learning progression–based frameworks, assessments, and teaching practices/materials. The session focuses on five problems of practice that all of the projects face—where learning progression research creates new possibilities for improving current teaching practice while creating new challenges. Framing scientific...
Posted: Tuesday, May 15
Posted: Thursday, May 10
Posted: Monday, May 07
Posted: Sunday, May 06
PI Meeting Session | Plenary Presentation: Reconceptualizing Research in an Era of Disruption
At a time when our country needs to transform its K–20 schooling system in order to meet the challenge of a global, knowledge-based, innovation-centered economy, scholars working together to diffuse and scale systemic solutions is vital for success. Stokes (1997) urged that research investments center in Pasteur’s Quadrant: deepening theory through gaining traction on pervasive real-world...
Posted: Friday, May 04
PI Meeting Session | Simulations, Games, and Digital Tools for Science and Math Learning: The Diversity of Research Questions and Methodological Approaches
This interactive poster session brings together 11 projects using a range of digital computer technologies to improve science and math learning, including simulations, games, and other cyberlearning tools and environments. In addition to increasing communication and collaboration among these researchers, a key goal of this session is to discuss the diversity of research questions that each...
Posted: Friday, May 04
PI Meeting Session | CANCELLED: Rich/Authentic Contexts for Pre-College Engineering Education – Conceptualizations and Translations into Practice
The ubiquitous use of the term “authenticity” makes it difficult to not only operationalize the term for the development of learning environments, but also for empirical research into the effectiveness or role of different dimensions and different constructs of context and authenticity. Research on STEM education and underrepresented minorities and women may serve as an example for the...
Posted: Friday, May 04
PI Meeting Session | Professional Development Materials to Support Geometry Learning and Instruction, the Common Core Standards, and English Language Learners
This session focuses on two professional development projects, both aimed at increasing geometric content knowledge of middle school mathematics teachers and their students. The goal is to engage grantees in considering what the presenters are learning about the impact of these projects and to consider next steps in advancing the field. The two participating projects are: The Learning and...
Posted: Friday, May 04
PI Meeting Session | Professional Development and Implementation of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics
This panel addresses the need for professional development in light of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Composed of researchers and practitioners, participants in the panel will share what research has to say about the need for offering teachers quality professional development at scale, as well as what practitioners have to say about current efforts to support and prepare...
Posted: Friday, May 04
PI Meeting Session | Mapping DR K-12 Project Activities to Climate and Environmental Literacy Principles - Steps Toward Leveraging Efforts and Broader Impacts
The objectives of this session are for the group to map DR K–12 projects onto the Climate Literacy Essential Principles (CLEP) and Environmental Literacy Competencies (ELC) and to use that map to explore how to leverage all of the projects’ efforts both within the DR K–12 projects and in the larger community of climate and environmental education efforts. The session sets the stage for thinking...
Posted: Friday, May 04
PI Meeting Session | Learning Progressions and Trajectories in Research: Methodological and Theoretical Challenges
A recent focus of mathematics education researchers has been on the development of learning trajectories (LTs) or learning progressions (LPs) that characterize the learning of a mathematical topic. LTs include (a) a mathematical goal, (b) a developmental path, and (c) instructional activities or tasks fitting each level of thinking along the developmental path. In this session, members of five...
Posted: Friday, May 04