If You Build It, Will They Reflect? Examining Teachers’ Use of an Online Video-based Learning Website

Many teachers use online professional development websites, but little is known about what teachers actually learn from them. This study explored teacher use of an online video-based learning website with over 37,000 members. It used web analytics to study user selection of video resources and coding of website commentary to analyze teacher responses to videos. The results indicated that teachers commonly view video clips designed for immediate use rather than reflection and respond to videos by evaluating the pedagogy positively. Videos that feature students as the sole or primary actors provoked the most reflective teacher responses.

Citation: Bates, M. S., Phalen, L., & Moran, C. (2016).If you build it, will they reflect? Examining teachers’ use of an online video-based learning websiteTeaching and Teacher Education, 58, 17-27.