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Dear Colleagues:Partial Research Priorities Infographic

While it isn't completely clear how the new presidency will impact education policy, schools, and students, those of us in the DR K-12 community will continue to research how to help children learn. And soon, NSF and experts from across the country will review the latest group of DR K-12 proposals, due in December.  

We recently asked 2016 DR K-12 PI meeting participants, "What research questions or topics should be future priorities for the NSF's DR K-12 program research agenda?" (Click here for the full survey results.) Respondents pointed to the need for making more coherence and connections between research efforts.

In support of that goal, CADRE is launching a topical Spotlight to focus on what we are learning about professional development. Susan Kowalski, Arthur Powell, Brian Reiser (through a video blog) and Chris Dede (through a written piece) provide perspectives on key issues related to PD. The spotlight also includes a look at the target population and technology characteristics of 14 DR K-12 projects that focus on online and/or blended PD. CADRE invites any project member of an online or blended PD project that didn't participate in our initial survey to do so now, and join us as we explore issues and ideas about this topic within the DR K-12 community and beyond. 

Read more about the PD Spotlight, as well as DR K-12 newsbites and events, in this newsletter.

Happy Holidays!

Catherine McCulloch
CADRE Principal Investigator

New DR K-12 Awardees

Congratulations and welcome to all recently announced DR K-12 awardees! We look forward to getting to know you better and hearing about your work as it progresses. We will share news of subsequent awards in upcoming newsletters.

New DR K-12 Awardees

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Spotlight on Online & Blended Professional Development

Grantee leaders in STEM professional development lay the foundation for this Spotlight as they reflect on the current terrain and promising directions for the field.

Video Reflections
Susan Kowalski (BSCS), Brian Reiser (Northwestern University), and Arthur Powell (Rutgers University) reflect on what they've learned through their work developing and implementing PD programs. 


The Importance of Professional Development and Teacher Learning for Educational Improvement 
Chris Dede describes the spectrum of professional learning that can lead to educational improvement: from informal, self-directed teacher learning to formal professional development. 
He situates this spectrum in today's changing education landscape and highlights the potential for digital tools to transform student and teacher learning as well as the role of DR K-12 in supporting this transformation.

Fourteen DR K-12 projects featuring online or blended PD programs responded to a recent CADRE survey on their work and interests in this area. We are excited to share information about their individual efforts in the virtual Poster & Product Showcase, as well an infographic summarizing preliminary survey results across projects.

If your project focuses on online or blended PD and you didn't have a chance to complete our survey and share your information, it's not too late. Complete the  survey now. We will continue to update and disseminate the Spotlight as we receive new information and plan activities around grantee identified topics of interest.  
Participating Projects:

2016-17 CADRE Fellows Announced

2016-17 CADRE Fellows

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Fellows! CADRE is proud to announce the ten new Fellows accepted to the program in October. They are:

  • Kyle Cox, University of Cincinnati (Nominating PI: Benjamin Kelcey)
  • Kim Frumin, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Nominating Co-PI: Chris Dede)
  • Dora Kastel, American Museum of Natural History (Nominating Co-PI: Suzanne Wilson)
  • Gladys Krause, The University of Texas at Austin (Nominating PI: Susan Empson)
  • Kelsey Lipsitz, University of Missouri (Nominating PI: Deborah Hanuscin)
  • Lindsey Mann, University of Michigan (Nominating PI: Deborah Ball)
  • Katie Schenkel, Michigan State University (Nominating PI: Angela Calabrese Barton)
  • Tina Vo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Nominating PI: Cory Forbes)
  • Megan Wongkamalasai, Vanderbilt University (Nominating PI: Richard Lehrer)
  • Robert Zisk, Rutgers University (Nominating PI: Drew Gitomer)

The Fellowship kicked off this week with an in-person orientation at EDC in Waltham, MA. Fellows learned more about CADRE and DR K-12, as well as other NSF programs and resource networks; discussed their career trajectories, and shared research interests and professional goals; presented their DR K-12 work; participated in panel discussions with local Fellowship alumni and PIs; and planned for the upcoming year.

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Upcoming Events

NSF Nuts & Bolts Webinar
November 29, 2016 | 2-3pm ET

In this webinar, NSF Program Officer David Campbell will introduce DR K-12 awardees to the ins and outs of project management, sharing information on evaluation and reporting, advisory boards, Institutional Review Boards (IRB), NSF Highlights, and more. There will be time for attendees to ask questions.

Register Now

DR K-12 Goes on the Road to AERA
AERA Annual Meeting | April/May 2017

CADRE's proposed structured poster session, Advancing Mathematics Education Through NSF's DRK-12 Program, was accepted for the 2017 AERA Annual Meeting in San Antonio (April 27-May 1). Thank you and congratulations to all involved! We look forward to seeing you this spring.

AERA 2017

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Newsbites from DR K-12 & NSF

We're pleased to share this quarter's news from DR K-12 projects and people, as well as our sister resource networks who serve other NSF funding programs (ARCCAISECIRCLMSPnet, and STELAR). In addition to our newsletter digest, we disseminate your news items on our website and social media. Let us hear from you!

News from DR K-12 Projects & Awardees

  Email cadre@edc.org to share news from your project.

News from NSF Networks
  • CAISE Guide to Resources for Broadening Participation in STEM
    In August, the Association of Science-Technology Centers and CAISE convened a Digital Resource Curation Workshop where participants identified projects relevant to broadening participation in the informalscience.org database. The resulting guide is intended to provide a starting point for those aiming to broaden participation in STEM.
  • CIRCL Primer: Computational Thinking
    Satabdi Basu, Eni Mustafara, and Katie Rich provide key lessons from computational thinking definitions, frameworks, and research; a summary of issues related to computational thinking; and information on projects working in this area. The primer also includes resources and readings suggested by the Cyberlearning 2017 Working Group. 
  • MSP News: Access and Barriers in CS
    Earlier this month, MSPnet shared a collection of resources and information related to learning and teaching computer science, including websites, publications, and project information.
  • STEM Career Education Outcomes
    STELAR recently highlighted the ITEST program's role in preparing youth to participate in today's STEM workforce and offered an extensive collection of resources related to STEM career education outcomes.

See our Upcoming NSF Network Events page for CIRCL, CAISE, STELAR, MSPnet, or CS for All events that may be of interest to you.

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Upcoming Opportunities

The following funding, publication, and career opportunities, listed by deadline, may be of interest to you or your DR K-12 colleagues.

For other opportunities, see CADRE's List of STEM Education Publications (PDF).

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