February 2021 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

As schooling during the pandemic has moved from classrooms to online learning, students with disabilities may be facing particular challenges with STEM learning (Pew Research Center). Our Spotlight this month focuses on projects studying innovations to support students with disabilities. Former CADRE Fellow Brianna Tomlinson’s blog addresses making learning more accessible through new content delivery systems and ed tech tools such as simulations.
This month we’re also highlighting an NSF-investment in diversifying the STEM education workforce. In honor of Black History Month, we invite you to read a blog by DRK-12 PI William McHenry and Barbara McHenry describing an HBCU partnership to prepare science and mathematics teachers for high-needs school districts.
Thank you in advance to awardees who have nominated early career researchers for CADRE’s Postdoc Opportunity, a capacity-building experience. The deadline for applications is today (February 23). We also want to thank the 2021 DRK-12 PI Meeting Planning Committee, who has begun working on designing a meeting that will be engaging and worthwhile for the DRK-12 community and the work that we do. Committee members include Jody Bintz, BSCS; Jose Blackorby, Harvard University and CAST; Paul Cobb, Vanderbilt University; Zandra de Araujo, University of Missouri; Ximena Dominguez, Digital Promise; Maisie Gholson, University of Michigan; Marcia Linn, University of California, Berkeley; Jamie Mikeska, ETS; and Eric Wiebe, North Carolina State University.
Each year, we collect information about DRK-12 awardee presentations, publications, and products so we can support their impact on the research and education communities. This year the information will also help participants at the 2021 DRK-12 PI Meeting (scheduled for June; more information coming soon) to learn more about your work.
Finally, we look forward to hosting online office hours with NSF program officers on February 24 and March 4 to answer new awardees' questions about grants management. You can still register to attend.

The CADRE Team

STEM STARS: Producing an Effective Science and Mathematics Teacher Workforce for High-Needs Schools

As we celebrate Black History Month, CADRE is pleased to highlight HBCU leadership and partnership in DRK-12. In this blog, William McHenry (Jackson State University) and Barbara McHenry (retired educator) underscore the need for highly qualified teachers in high-needs districts in order to maintain a competitive STEM workforce that reflects the increasingly diverse American population. They describe their efforts to address this need through strategic partnership with three HBCUs that are well positioned to increase the number of Black teachers in high-needs schools.

Spotlight on Supporting Students with Disabilities

This month's Spotlight features projects that support students with learning or physical disabilities. In addition to sharing their work, the projects also offer advice on how to be more responsive to students with learning or physical disabilities. The blog, written by 2017-18 CADRE Fellow Brianna Tomlinson, shares an example of how PhetSims adapted an existing learning tool to make it more accessible to the visually impaired but also to augment the experience for all users.
In this Spotlight...

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tipsProject Tip: 20 Tips for Teaching an Accessible Online Course

This document, written by Sheryl Burgstahler from the University of Washington's DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center, shares nine tips to make your course's webpages, documents, images, and videos more accessible, and 11 tips on instructional methods to support all students, including those with disabilities.


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