December 2021 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

This month, we’re taking a pause from our standard articles to reflect on 2021, highlight resources and information that the DRK-12 community found most compelling, and invite you to revisit those that you missed. Below you’ll find our most popular Spotlights, blogs, tweets, videos and more! Reflecting on some of the highlights of CADRE this year, we found many sessions at the 2021 DRK-12 PI Meeting thought-provoking, such as the Equitable STEM Education session; were excited to pull together and broadly disseminate the collection of DRK-12 resources for teachers; and were pleased to open the CADRE Fellows program to a broader pool of applicants.
In the midst of last year’s challenges, the importance of STEM education was clearly evident to so many of us. Moreover, existing inequities in our education systems at large, and specifically with STEM education, were exacerbated. The FY22 federal STEM education investments acknowledge the critical nature of STEM to our society and appropriate funding to address some of the areas of inequity so salient these last years. You may be interested in Best Practices for Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Education and Research: A Guide by and for Federal Agencies released by the White House to share best practices for diversity and inclusion within federal agencies and in the programs they support. In recognition of International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, we acknowledge the inequities and challenges people with disabilities often face and encourage you to revisit our February Spotlight featuring DRK-12 projects researching promising approaches to STEM education that address individual differences and variability and other DRK-12 resources on the topic. For those committed to improving equity in STEM education, becoming an NSF program director is one way you can make a difference. Consider applying for one of the currently open positions.
We hope you are able to relax a bit before the new year. We’re looking forward to a new year of programming starting in January with a great DRK-12 session Innovations in Culturally Relevant and Responsive Science Instruction at ASTE. We hope you can attend. Our January newsletter will feature a project Spotlight on motivation and engagement. (If your project studies these constructs and you’d like to be featured, let us know!) We also want to thank those of you who completed our recent survey on the topics and modes of engagement you prefer. Those who completed the survey were most interested in learning about their colleagues’ research, methods, and findings; working with local education agency partners; disseminating their work to various audiences; and addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion in their research designs, methods, and partnerships. We’re planning programming to attend to these interests. And, as we still face COVID-related complications to our lives and work, we will continue to share resources and approaches such as these to support our community. Finally, get ready to register for the 2022 STEM for All Video Showcase starting January 12. Formal announcement to come.
The CADRE Team

Most Popular DRK-12 News and Resources in 2021

We're looking back on DRK-12 work in 2021 and sharing some of the most popular content.

Most Visited Spotlights from 2021

Curricula & Resources
for Educators

Informal & Formal
STEM Education 

Sustaining & Scaling
Professional Development
Several of our older Spotlights continue to receive high traffic, including Modeling in Science & Mathematics Education (2020), Teacher Content Knowledge (2020), and Culturally Responsive STEM Education (2019).

Most Clicked Newsbites

  1. Decentering Whiteness in Teacher Education: Addressing the Questions of Who, With Whom, and How | Journal of Teacher Education | Authors: Dorinda J. Carter Andrews, Ye He, Joanne E. Marciano, Gail Richmond, and María Salazar
  2. A Day of Reckoning for the White Academy: Reframing Success for African American Women in STEM | Cultural Studies of Science Education | Authors: Terrell R. Morton (2018 CADRE Postdoc) and Tara Nkrumah
  3. A tie! A Vision That Focuses on Diversity and Broader Impact | Journal of Research in Science Teaching | Authors: Felicia Moore Mensah and Troy D. Sadler
    Methodological Guidance Paper: The Craft of Conducting a Qualitative Review | Review of Educational Research | Authors: Suzanne M. Wilson and Dorothea Anagnostopoulos

Popular Social Media Posts

Most Reach on Facebook: For #CSEdWeek, we want to highlight NSF-funded work to prepare all students for a computer-driven future! Check out our Spotlight, including a blog by Aankit Patel:

Most Impressions on Twitter: Today's featured #NewDRK12Award is CAREER award: Partnering with Teachers and Students to Engage in Mathematical Inquiry about Relevant Social Issues @NSF #NSFfunded #EdResearch #MathEd @PittTweet @karikokka #STEMEd #Edchat
Most Engagement: New Blog! As we celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth, CADRE is pleased to highlight @STEM_STARS123, an HBCU-led teacher residency program designed to address science and math teacher shortages in high-needs school districts. #HBCU #STEMEd #NSFfunded

Most Viewed DRK-12 Community Voices Blog Posts from 2021

What Is Environmental Literacy? 


STEM STARS: Producing an Effective Science and Mathematics Teacher Workforce for High-Needs Schools


Thinking About the Facilitators when Scaling and Sustaining Professional Learning Programs


Several of our older blog posts continue to receive high traffic, including Subject Matter Knowledge Is Important! (2020) by Julie Luft, Critically Examining Whiteness in Culturally Responsive Education (2019) by Christa Haverly, and Coherence across the Mathematics Curriculum (2019) by Corey Drake, Jill Newton, Amy Olson, and Marcy Wood.

Most Viewed DRK-12 Project Resources

  1. CRIS 7e Lesson Plan Template | Product for Educators
  2. Considerations for STEM Education from PreK Through Grade 3 | Publication
  3. What Is “Repeated Reasoning" in MP8? | Publication
Find a compilation of 2021 DRK-12 publications in our Reading List

Most Viewed DRK-12 Videos in the 2021 STEM For All Video Showcase

Responding to an Emerging Epidemic
Through Science Education

Young Mathematicians: Transforming
PreK Learning Environment

Supporting Equitable
Participation and Access



Most Clicked Project Tip of 2021: It's a Tie!

Project Tip: 20 Tips for Teaching an Accessible Online Course
This document, written by Sheryl Burgstahler from the University of Washington's DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center, shares nine tips to make your course's webpages, documents, images, and videos more accessible, and 11 tips on instructional methods to support all students, including those with disabilities. Find more resources in our Dissemination Toolkit: Accessible Products & Communications.
Project Tip: Writing a Successful Press Release
Spreading the word about your project can start as soon as you receive notice of your funding. These recent press releases offer models of how you and your institution can jump start the promotion and dissemination of your research. For more information about writing a press release, visit our Dissemination Toolkit. See sample press releases and announcements picked up by the media. 

December Newsbites

Read this month's roundup of news from NSF, NSF networks, and DRK-12 projects and awardees.

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News from NSF Networks

News from DRK-12 Projects and Awardees

Awards & Recognition
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