December 2020 Newsletter

NSF program officer and DRK-12 program lead, Michael Steele, opens our year-end newsletter with a message for the DRK-12 community. 

To the Discovery Research PreK-12 PI Community,

What a long, strange year it’s been! I want to start by thanking you all for your contributions, service, and perseverance in supporting the STEM education research community. This has been a challenging year to engage in STEM education research and development with our institutional capacities limited by COVID-19, PreK-12 schools adapting to emergency remote learning and a variety of instructional models to support students, and teachers challenged to learn new modes of engagement in the midst of their already-busy lives. I appreciate the work that all of you have done in adapting to new challenges and circumstances and keeping at the heart of our collective work the goal of improving STEM education for students and teachers across the nation.

We also recognize the changes to the educational landscape brought about by increased local and national attention to social injustice. We appreciate the efforts that many projects are making to connect to issues of justice and equity in their work. In concert with the global health pandemic, 2020 has brought into stark relief the inequities in our educational systems, particularly related to STEM. I’d like to challenge our community to continue to think about ways to support more equitable outcomes for PreK-12 students and their teachers in the context of STEM education as we consider both our current projects and our future work.

As our education and research landscapes continue to change and evolve, I’d like to encourage you to stay in touch with your DRK-12 program officer about your project plans. We are happy to help think together with you about sensible adaptations to your research that move you towards your research goals in ways that are sensitive and responsive to the current state of PreK-12 education locally and nationally. And as you begin thinking about your next DRK-12 submission, please be in touch with us! Program officers are always happy to think through research ideas together with you and provide feedback to strengthen your proposals.

Thanks also to the CADRE team for their work in supporting the DRK-12 PI community. We all were disappointed to not be able to hold our scheduled PI meeting this past summer, but CADRE has been working hard to plan for a 2021 virtual PI meeting for us to share our work, network with colleagues, and learn from one another. I’m indebted to their flexibility and thoughtfulness as we explore new ways for us to convene.

Be well, and thank you for all that you do for our STEM students and teachers,
Mike Steele
Program Lead, Discovery Research PreK-12

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Research Instruments
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