Jeffrey Choppin


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Professor of Mathematics Education
About Me (Bio): 
Jeffrey Choppin has been a principal investigator on multiple research and conference grants from NSF, Spencer, and the CPM Educational Program; in addition, he has been a PI or co-PI on several Noyce teacher preparation grants to recruit and support teachers to work in high-needs contexts. His work has focused primarily on teachers’ use and understanding of curriculum resources, including teacher learning from the use of innovative materials and on the mediating effect of curriculum materials on the implementation of the Common Core Standards. Currently, he is PI on a project that is exploring an online professional development model in rural contexts. Choppin directs the mathematics education program at the University of Rochester, where his methods courses challenge students’ conceptions of mathematics and the teaching of mathematics while exploring the influence of societal and systemic factors on students’ opportunities to learn mathematics.
University of Rochester (U of R)

The ACCLIME project investigates teachers' uses and adaptations of CMP, an NSF-funded middle school curriculum. The study seeks to better articulate: (1) the ways that teachers adapt CMP over time and how they develop professionally as a result of using the curriculum materials; (2) the connection between district policy, resource development, and teachers' curriculum processes; and (3) the dynamic nature of districts' long-term curriculum implementations.

University of Rochester (U of R), Western Michigan University (WMU), Michigan State University (MSU), Washington State University Tri-Cities

This project is developing principles for supporting middle school mathematics teachers' capacity to use curriculum resources to design instruction that addresses the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. These principles are intended for: (1) curriculum developers; (2) professional development designers, to help teachers better utilize curriculum materials with respect to the CCSSM; and (3) teachers, so that they can use curriculum resources to design instruction that addresses the CCSSM.

University of Rochester (U of R)

This Discovery Research K-12 Conference project brought together 30 key scholars and practitioners in the areas of discourse and equity to synthesize and disseminate research findings concerning the implementation of culturally relevant teaching approaches that promote equitable discourse practices in mathematics classroom. The conference convened in Rochester, NY, in June 2008. Conference outcomes include publications that synthesize and disseminate best practices in relation to equitable discourses and a research agenda that further supports teachers' efforts.

University of Rochester (U of R)

This project will develop and implement an innovative online mathematics professional development model designed to provide growth opportunities for teachers in rural districts who normally lack access to such opportunities. The project will focus on developing teacher capacity to enact ambitious, responsive instruction aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), and thus will be sustained, interactive, and of sufficient duration to help teachers transform their practices.