Kikumi Tatsuoka


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Research Professor, Department of Human Development
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Kikumi Tatsuoka is a distinguished research professor emeritus at the Department of Human Development, Teachers College at Columbia University, but she lives in Cleveland, Ohio and is working with Professor Clement at University Buffalo. I have been working on the topics of cognitive error diagnosis, classification of students’ response patterns and a mathematical framework that should be helpful for cognitive modeling and item constructions. Her research effort on developing this line of research has begun in 1979, subsequently funded for 14 years from the Cognitive and Neural Science Division of the Office of Naval Research, and more years from NSF and National Institute of Education, and various other funding agencies. The products of her research efforts are named as “Rule space methodology and the Q-matrix Theory” and they have been successfully applied to create diagnostic scoring reports for PSAT which has been used in practice since 2003. The international comparison study of selected 20 countries for TIMSS-R in Mathematical thinking skills that was supported by NSF has produced at least 13 or more articles in various journals. One of her papers on TIMSS study was awarded for the best research paper from Japanese Testing Society in 2008. She published a book in 2009 entitled “Cognitive Assessment: An Introduction to the Rule Space Method” from Routledge, Taylor and Francis Publishing Company as a series of Multivariate Applications, American Psychological Association in 2009. She was also awarded for the best technical contribution from NCME, National Counsel of Measurement in Education in 1985 for a Rule space paper in 1985.

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