September 2021 Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

This month, we are preparing to launch a new iteration of CADRE. Meet our team and learn more about our new initiatives. We are also revising some of our existing programs, such as our CADRE Fellows and Postdocs programs, which will start in January 2022. View the list of 2020-21 DRK-12 awards, updated with several recently granted DRK-12 projects. Browse the many products that DRK-12 projects have designed and developed for educators in our DRK-12 resource library and in a new collection that we are promoting via our STEM Smart newsletter. Please help us share these products broadly. We are also continuing to highlight resources from the 2021 DRK-12 PI Meeting. Read more below. 
The Biden administration released its first R&D priorities memorandum. Research supporting equity is one of the priorities and continues to be an NSF priority. Some of NSF’s approaches to supporting diversity and inclusion in STEM education and research are outlined in the recently released report from the National Science and Technology Council. One example is a new NSF Dear Colleague letter to support students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and staff with disabilities. New proposals or supplemental funding requests to existing awards may also request support for the inclusion of persons with disabilities as participants. And in honor of Hispanic heritage month, we are highlighting these DRK-12 projects: Understanding Latinx Students' Stories of Doing and Learning Mathematics and A Research-Practice Partnership for Developing Computational Thinking Through Linguistically and Culturally Relevant CS Curriculum in Middle School
The CADRE Team

CADRE, Better Than Ever! 

We’ve been funded to continue serving the DRK-12 community. Meet our new partners and read about our plans!
From the left, the Leadership Team: Catherine McCulloch, PI, senior project director at EDC; Amy Busey, Co-PI, senior research associate, EDC; Dr. Christopher Harris, Co-PI, director of science and engineering education research, WestEd; Dr. Terrell Morton, Co-PI, assistant professor of identity and justice in STEM+C education, the University of Missouri; Dr. Eric Wiebe, Co-PI, professor of STEM education, North Carolina State University; Dr. Ilana Horn, senior staff, professor of math education, at Vanderbilt University; Dr. Alina Martinez, senior staff, director of STEM research, Mathematica; Additional Staff: Leana Nordstrom, project manager, EDC; Jennifer Stiles, research associate, EDC
Addressing our commitment to support diversity, equity, and inclusion within the DRK-12 program, we’re excited to make new connections to expertise within groups less well represented in the current DRK-12 awardee cohort through a Community Partners program, further innovate our early career programs to address the needs of scholars, and expand our outreach to prospective awardees. To help advance DRK-12 research and build capacity within the program, we are launching a new learning series, in addition to continuing PI meetings and facilitating mentoring within the DRK-12 community. And to disseminate and promote the work of DRK-12 researchers, we’ll convene communities of practice to develop topical syntheses, identify core components of DRK-12 interventions, and analyze the impacts of DRK-12 research and products. We hope that you’ll join us in these activities and look forward to gathering your input about how we can best serve you and the field as we progress. Contact us at any time to share your thoughts about how we can best support the DRK-12 program, research, and awardees.

New Collection Features DRK-12 Products for Educators

We are excited to share that we have created a new library for educators to find NSF DRK-12 curricula and resources! This searchable collection was shared with our STEM Smart community in a recent newsletter.
In addition, our DRK-12 Research and Products page has a new filter option, “Product for Educators,” under “Resource Type.”
If you have a DRK-12 product that is designed for educators, please let us know at so that we can continue to share your work!

Teacher Education & Professional Development Resources

As we continue to build on some of the conversations and themes from the 2021 DRK-12 PI Meeting, we’d like to highlight some of the many resources that were shared by presenters and attendees. This month, we’re featuring resources related to teacher learning. Thanks to all who planned, presented, and participated for their contributions.

Reports from the Field

Several new reports have been released that may be of interest to you and your work: 


tipsProject Tip: Find Conference & Publication Opportunities

If you are looking for a list of STEM education-related conference and publications, CADRE can help. Download our updated lists (also available on CADRE's Calendar):
In addition, our Upcoming STEM Education Opportunities page is updated monthly and includes conference proposal due dates and calls for papers for special-issue journals, as well as other career opportunities.


News from NSF

News from NSF Networks

News from DRK-12 Projects and Awardees
Awards & Recognition
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Upcoming Opportunities

The following funding and publication opportunities, listed by deadline, may be of interest to you and your DRK-12 project members.


For more NSF funding opportunities, see CADRE's list of Upcoming NSF DRL EHR Solicitation Deadlines.


For other publication opportunities, including those with ongoing submissions, see CADRE's list of Publications for STEM Educators, Policymakers, and Researchers.
For more conference information, see CADRE's list of Conferences for STEM Educators, Policymakers, and Researchers.

Career & Professional Development

For job, funding, and capacity-building opportunities for doctoral students, postdocs, and other early career scholars, visit our Early Career News & Opportunities page.

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