Jeremy Price

Professional Title
Doctoral Candidate
About Me (Bio)
Jeremy Price is graduate research assistant on the Constructing and Critiquing Arguments in Middle School Science Classrooms project. He is researching factors that impact the teaching of scientific argumentation in order to better support teacher learning with multimedia scaffolding. Previously, he has worked on a NSF IMD grant at Boston College focused on developing and researching a yearlong high school capstone course in urban ecology, as Learning and Media Specialist for the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST), and as Education Technology Specialist at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Jeremy is a doctoral candidate in science and technology education at the Lynch School of Boston College and writing his dissertation on how a classroom of high school students and their teacher negotiate meaning, significance, and identities around the science curriculum.
University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), Boston College (BC)

This project is developing Earth and Space Science multimedia educative curriculum materials (MECMs) and a system to facilitate teachers' learning and beliefs of scientific argumentation. The project is investigating the impact of the MECMs on teachers' beliefs about scientific argumentation and their related pedagogical content knowledge. The overarching research question focuses on how can multimedia educative curriculum materials provide support to middle school science teachers in implementing standards for constructing and critiquing arguments.