Cathy Lachapelle

Professional Title
Founder and Partner, STEM Education Insights, LLC
About Me (Bio)
Cathy is currently working as a consultant for research, evaluation, and development of STEM curriculum and professional development projects. Cathy is particularly interested in how collaborative interaction and scaffolded experiences with disciplinary practices help children learn science, math, and engineering. As Director of Research and Evaluation for Engineering is Elementary (EiE), she was responsible for assessment and evaluation of the EiE curricula. This includes the design and field-testing of assessment instruments and research on how children use EiE materials. She was also responsible for the design and management of a large-scale efficacy of the EiE curriculum, funded by the NSF. Her work on other STEM education research projects includes the national Women's Experiences in College Engineering (WECE) study. Cathy received her S.B. in cognitive science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her Ph.D. in educational psychology from Stanford University.
Museum of Science, Boston

This project is developing evidence about the efficacy of the Engineering is Elementary curriculum under ideal conditions by studying the student and teacher-level effects of implementation. The project seeks to determine the core elements of the curriculum that support successful use. The findings from this study have broad implications for how engineering design curricular can be developed and implemented at the elementary level.