Online Practice Suite: Practice Spaces, Simulations and Virtual Reality Environments for Preservice Teachers to Learn to Facilitate Argumentation Discussions in Math and Science

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This poster provides an overview of our three-year project where researchers are using a design-based research approach to develop, pilot, and refine a set of coordinated and complementary practice-based activities that teacher education programs can deploy to provide practice-based learning opportunities for preservice teachers. The goal is to help the preservice teachers to engage in authentic, purposeful, and scaffolded approximations of practice as they develop their ability to facilitate argumentation-focused discussions in mathematics and science.

Co-PI(s): Heather Howell, Educational Testing Service (ETS); Pamela Lottero-Perdue, Towson University; Justin Reich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Meredith Park-Rogers and Adam Maltese, Indiana University; Dionne Cross-Francis, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

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