Understanding How Integrated Computational Thinking, Engineering Design, and Mathematics Can Help Students Solve Scientific and Technical Problems in Career Technical Education

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INITIATE is a 3-year, STEM+C Partnership Program Design and Development project that partners high school Mathematics and Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers in Toledo Public Schools (TPS). Due to mathematics oftentimes serving as a gatekeeper for further STEM study, including technical careers, and to the strong reciprocal relationship between mathematics, computational thinking, and preparation for STEM careers, the project includes teachers of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Statistics/Analysis. The topic of smart vehicles coupled with project-based learning (PBL) will effectively blend mathematics with science (e.g., physics), technology, and engineering.
PI: Jared Oluoch, University of Toledo
Co-PI(s): Ahmad Javaid & Charlene Czerniak, University of Toledo
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