PI Meeting FAQs

Below are answers to some common questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send us an e-mail at CADRE@edc.org.

Topics: Dates, Times & Location | Registration & Cost | Agenda | Preparing for the Meeting 
More topics and answers coming soon!


When will the meeting be held?

The 2021 DRK-12 PI Meeting will be held virtually, June 15-17, with additional programming beginning June 1. Programming on June 15-17 will begin midday and end in the early evening (Eastern Time).  View the working agenda.

Where will the meeting be held?

The PI Meeting is virtual this year. Prior to the event, confirmed registrants will receive an email from info@drk12pimeeting.org with instructions on how to access the event platform. 


Who is invited to attend?

PIs and up to 2 other project members/collaborators of DRK-12 projects that are active during the meeting dates are invited to attend the PI Meeting.  If you are on a project and would like to attend, contact your PI about registration information. As NSF makes new awards throughout this period, CADRE will send invitations to the PIs of the new awards. If you are the PI of a new award and haven’t received your invitation within a month of your public award announcement, or if you are a PI on any active DRK-12 project and did not receive an invitation via email, please contact cadre@edc.org.

What if I’m an invited PI and cannot attend?

If you are unable to attend please designate one other person from your project team (a co-PI or other team member) as PI substitute. This person will be responsible for tagging your project with keywords that will be used during the PI meeting for connecting like projects. In addition, up to 2 other project members/collaborators are invited to attend. 

How do I know that I am successfully registered?

CADRE will confirm receipt of your registration via e-mail. An official registration confirmation notification will be emailed within two weeks of your submission. 

Do I need to register if I am only planning to attend one session? 

Yes. All attendees, including individuals attending presession events must register for the meeting. Non-registrants will not be able to access the virtual meeting platform. 

What is the deadline for registering? 

If you have submitted a session proposal, you must register by April 21st for that submission to be considered. All other attendees should register by May 28. Any registrations after that date may have a delayed access to the meeting platform. Registration is open on a first-come, first-served basis for invitees, and will remain open until we reach meeting capacity.

What if I am waitlisted?

Once we reach capacity, we will place additional registrants on a wait-list. We will notify waitlisted awardees in the order of their registration when and if a space becomes available.

I can no longer attend, how do I cancel?

Please email cadre@edc.org ASAP so that we can allow someone else to attend. 

How do I update or edit my registration?

Please email cadre@edc.org

Who covers the cost of attending the PI Meeting?

There is no registration fee to attend the PI meeting. 


What types of events will occur during the meeting?

Starting on June 1, meeting attendees will have the opportunity to schedule meetings with NSF program officers, view asynchronous project information and resources (e.g., “poster” viewing), engage in networking opportunities and affinity group meetings (e.g., early career researchers, new awardees, evaluators), and schedule impromptu meetings (e.g., unconference-type sessions). 

From June 15-17, additional synchronous events include: plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, poster sessions, and roundtable discussions. For more information about the theme and strands of the plenary and concurrent sessions, read the Program Highlights.


What opportunities will I have to share my work?

The meeting will offer a number of ways to present your work. The Call for Proposals seeks submissions of sessions designed and led by DRK-12 project members and collaborators that are  focused on cross-project topics and issues.  We  also encourage you to present a “poster” representing your project’s work.  

How do I submit a session proposal?

Respond to the Call for Proposal and complete the online survey with your submission.

Who can submit a session proposal?

Any registered invitee can submit a proposal. No individual can be the lead on more than one submission.

What is the deadline for the Call for Proposals? 

The deadline is April 21, 2021. See the Call for Proposals.  

I submitted a session proposal. When will I hear about whether it’s accepted or not?

Notifications about session acceptances and declinations will be sent in early May.

What is a poster in the virtual context?

A poster represents a single project’s research. The “poster” page may incorporate any type of media (a video, a PPT, a PDF, etc.) that describes your project work. Poster pages will be open to attendees to browse during the event. At designated times during the program, poster sessions will be held during which poster presenters can chat with people visiting their poster page and/or virtually meet using Zoom.

How do I sign up to present a poster?

You must sign up to participate. Once you are signed up, CADRE will send you information about how to create your online “poster” page.  An invitation to sign up to present a poster will be sent to invited project PIs in April.

Who can submit a poster?

Once poster sign up opens, any project member can sign up to present a poster, though the PI will receive the invitation. Only one poster per project is allowed. There is no review process for posters. All posters that meet the deadlines and the 1-poster-per-project guidelines will be accepted.