What's New on CADREK12.org

Posted: Saturday, November 07
Event | DR-K12 Proposal Deadline
The Discovery Research K-12 (DR K-12) program solicitation has been revised in order to clarify several aspects of the call for proposals. It includes new material describing project methodologies that may be appropriate at various stages along the research and development trajectory for innovative resources, models, or tools for STEM education. It also explains expectations for external…
Posted: Friday, November 06
Announcement | CADRE Booth at the 2009 DR-K12 PI Meeting
Come visit us at the CADRE Booth and speak to a CADRE representative about how we can best support your work in DR-K12.
Posted: Friday, November 06
Announcement | Peoples of the Arctic - October 2009 Issue of Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears now available!
While the Arctic may seem bleak and inhospitable, indigenous people have successfully lived there for thousands of years. In this issue, learn how the Inuit of northern Canada, Inupiat of arctic Alaska, and Sami of northern Europe survive in a harsh environment. Discover lessons, informational text, and children's literature that introduce your students to these groups and their cultures. Learn…
Posted: Friday, November 06
Newsletter | Summer 2009 Newsletter
Greetings from CADRE Dear Colleagues, CADRE (originally known as the DR-K12 Resource Network) will soon complete its first year. Our major task this year has been an analysis of the DR-K12 portfolio, examining the projects from many perspectives, and resulting in a comprehensive look at the first two cohorts. The analysis will help NSF to better understand the scope and depth of research and…
Posted: Monday, June 08
Newsletter | Spring 2009 Newsletter
Welcome To CADRE Dear DR-K12 PI, At the fall 2008 DR-K12 PI meeting, Joan Ferrini-Mundy announced the formation of a network, housed at EDC, to provide support to grantees in the Discovery Research portfolio. Network staff tried to meet with each PI at least to say hello and learn a little about your project. Since that time, most of you have provided proposal and annual report information to Abt…
Posted: Sunday, May 10