Vanessa Peters

Professional Title
Education Researcher
About Me (Bio)
Vanessa Peters, Ph.D., is an education researcher at SRI International’s Center for Technology in Learning. Her research focuses on how emergent uses of technology can create opportunities for teaching and learning, particularly in science. Peters applies an interdisciplinary lens to her work, and has extensive experience with design-based, qualitative, and mixed methods research approaches. In previous work, she has studied Web 2.0 technologies for science learning, scaffolding designs for supporting collaborative inquiry, and student practices in online courses.
SRI International

This project will study five elementary STEM schools from across the U.S. that are inclusive of students from underrepresented groups in order to determine what defines these schools and will use an iterative case study replication design to study the design and implementation of five exemplary eSTEM schools with the goal of developing a logic model that highlights the commonalities in core components and target outcomes across the schools, despite the different school contexts.

Digital Promise

This is a quasi-experimental study of the effects of attending an inclusive STEM high school in three key geographic regions and comparing outcomes for students in these schools with those of their counterparts attending other types of schools in the same states. The study's focus is on the extent to which inclusive STEM high schools contribute to improved academic outcomes, interests in STEM careers, and expectations for post secondary study.