Webinar: Fellows Project Presentations 2.10.12

On February 10th, 2012, five Fellows presented on the work of their projects. Many thanks to the presenters and to the audience of Fellows who followed up each presentation with great questions and discussion.

Due to technical difficulties, we unfortunately do not have a recording of the January 31st presentations by Rick Gaston (KCP Technologies;Project: Data Games: Tools and Materials for Learning Data Modeling ; PI: William Finzer);  Jana Craig Hare (University of Kansas ; Project: The Evidence Games: Collaborative Games Engaging Middle School Students in the Evaluation of Scientific Evidence;PI: Janis Bulgren); Karen Trujillo (New Mexico State University; Project: Math Snacks: Addressing Gaps in Conceptual Mathematics Understanding with Innovative Media ;PI: Karin Wiburg); Andrea Weinberg (Colorado State University; Project: The Value of Computational Thinking across Grade Levels (VCTAL) ;PI: Margaret (Midge) Cozzens); and Binbin Zheng (University of California - Irvine; Project: Interactive Science and Technology Instruction for English Learners; PI: Mark Warschauer).

View the presentations: http://edc.adobeconnect.com/p2amw3af77n/

Jason Chen
Harvard University

Project:  Studying Technology-based Strategies for Enhancing Student Interest in STEM Careers through Algebra Curricula in Grades 5-9
PI: Christopher Dede

 LaKeisha McClary
Miami University

Project: Chemistry Education Research Doctoral Scholars Program
PI: Stacey Lowery Bretz

 Emily Moore
University of Colorado – Boulder
Project: Expanding PhET Interactive Science Simulations to Grades 4-8: A Research-based Approach
PI: Katherine Perkins

 Jeremy Price
Boston College
Project: Constructing and Critiquing Arguments in Middle School Science Classrooms: Supporting Teachers with Multimedia Educative Curriculum Materials
PI: Suzanna Loper

 Jorge Solís
University of California – Santa Cruz
Project: Effective Science Teaching for English Language Learners (ESTELL): A Pre-service Teacher Professional Development Research Project across Three Universities in California
PI: Patricia “Trish” Stoddart