Supporting Science Learning and Teaching in Middle School Classrooms through Automated Analysis of Students' Writing (Collaborative Research: Passonneau and Puntambekar)

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This project will design a sociotechnical system to automatically assess students written scientific explanations during science problem solving. The project will use two complementary mechanisms to provide feedback: automated assessment and feedback to students’ science explanations using using NLP techniques, and feedback to teachers provided through aggregated data about students’ writing generated by the system. The feedback students get from the system and the scaffolding from teachers will be integrated within a framework of distributed scaffolding in which support from the technological innovation, and scaffolding from the teacher will complement each other.
PI: Sadhana Puntambekar, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Co-PI(s): N/A. Collaborative project at PSU with Becky Passonneau, (PI) and ChanMin Kin, (co-PI).
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