Workshop: Cultural and Linguistic Competence in Survey Design & Methodology

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Event Description

From October 31 – November 2, the Evidence Quality and Reach Hub (EQR) will offer a free, multi-day workshop from 11:00 – 2:00 EST focused on  cultural and linguistic competence in survey design and methodology. During the virtual workshop, participants will receive guidance on how to write or select survey items with a lens toward cultural and linguistic competence (CLC), review the importance and strategies for pretesting survey items, and provide guidance on sampling and survey administration to reach target groups. This workshop aligns with the EQR Hub’s goal to offer services and resources related to research methods; knowledge translation; and diversity, equity, and inclusion to current and aspiring NSF grantees. 

Participants are expected to attend all three days of the virtual workshop and will gain access to methodological experts and survey resources.


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