Legislative Visits

This year, CADRE is offering support to PIs attending the 2018 PI Meeting who are interested in setting up legislative visits on the Hill with their representative and/or senators. While interested awardees will be responsible for scheduling these meetings, preparing their materials and talking points, and getting to and from the meetings, CADRE has resources available to help prepare for effective informational meetings with congressional staff and craft appropriate messages about preK-12 STEM education research for conversations with policymakers. CADRE will also manage a sign-up form for meeting attendees to track appointments and identify other awardees in your district/state for potential group meetings.


As a government agency, the National Science Foundation does not engage in lobbying efforts; therefore, these legislative visits are purely informational. Those awardees attending the DRK-12 PI Meeting in June have the opportunity to communicate with legislative staff in Washington, D.C. about the value, importance, and relevance of their research in relation to the national conversation about improving STEM education. The purpose of your visit is to help legislators—including those who sit on committees relevant to STEM education—and their staff understand the NSF-funded work conducted in their districts, and what is happening with your project in particular. Think of it as using your work to establish an ongoing relationship with your legislator.

Email us at cadre@edc.org if you’d like to learn more.