2018 DRK-12 PI Meeting

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2018 DRK-12 PI Meeting Theme

Nexus of Change: Exploring the Intersections Between Broadening Participation, STEM and Computer Science Disciplines, and Technological Innovations in Education

The 2018 DRK-12 PI Meeting was an opportunity for DRK-12 awardees to network with one another and build and share new knowledge, best practices, and tools critical to increasing the impact and sustainability of our work over time. CADRE was pleased to welcome a cohort of STEM+C projects to the 2018 DRK-12 PI Meeting.

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2018 PI Meeting Theme
The 2018 DRK–12 PI Meeting examined how the collective work of DRK–12 and STEM+C projects can transform the STEM landscape for all students, focusing on the intersecting domains of broadening participation, STEM and computer science disciplines, and technological innovations. Sessions explored the opportunities and challenges to teaching, learning, and assessment at the intersections of any two domains and the nexus of all three. Plenary presentations, concurrent sessions, and working sessions built on the DRK–12 and STEM+C portfolios of research and development projects, and the interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise of the DRK–12 and STEM+C participants.