Vanessa Svihla

About Me (Bio)
Vanessa graduated from Smith College, where she double-majored in Geology and Russian, spending her sophomore year in Odessa, Ukraine. After college, she joined the Peace Corps and was stationed in the Philippines as an environmental education volunteer. After completing her stint, she earned a Masters in structural geology from The University of Texas at Austin, during which she spent 4 months in a tent in the Mojave. She then completed the PhD in Science Education (2009, UT-Austin). She spent 6 months at the University of Washington LIFE Center as a visiting fellow, edited a special issue of New Directions in Teaching and Learning, and authored two papers commissioned by the National Academies. She currently holds a post doctoral position in the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley, where she designs and researches assessment and science learning related to the Web-based Inquiry Science Environment with Marcia Linn, and leads a video analysis research group.
University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

This project focuses on the challenge of using assessment of relevant STEM content to improve K-12 teaching and learning. CLEAR takes advantage of new technologies and research findings to investigate ways that science assessments can both capture and contribute to cumulative, integrated learning of standards-based concepts in middle school courses. The project will research new forms of assessment that document students' accumulation of knowledge and also serve as learning events.