Malcolm Butler

University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. (UGARF)

In this project, investigators will convene a group of 15 African American science educators, scientists, and doctoral student scholars and assign them to small work groups to design and conduct multi-site micro-research studies on learning activities that promote science learning and teaching. Work groups will investigate different learning and teaching approaches used in K-12 rural and urban school settings to identify effects on student science learning using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed design studies.

University of Central Florida (UCF)

This project will document factors explaining variations in science achievement across schools enrolling ethnically and linguistically diverse students. The research question is: what leadership and organizational features at the school level are associated with mitigating science achievement gaps? Researchers, in collaboration with school districts, will identify school leadership practices that can be connected with reductions in achievement gaps related to student ethnicity, English fluency, and social status.