Jing Lei

Professional Title
Associate Professor
About Me (Bio)
Dr. Jing Lei is an Associate Professor in the Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation in the School of Education at Syracuse University. Dr. Lei's scholarship focuses on how information and communication technology can help prepare a new generation of citizens for a globalizing and digitizing world. Specifically, her research interests include technology integration in schools, social-cultural and psychological impact of technology, technology in informal learning settings, emerging technologies for education, and technology supported subject learning. Her recent publications include The Digital Pencil: One-to-One Computing for Children (2008, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates publishers).Her research has been featured in influential media including USA Today, US News and World Report, and Education Week.
Syracuse University (SU), University of Georgia (UGA)

This project will synthesize existing literature on modeling-based instruction (MBI) in K-12 science education over the last three decades. It will rigorously code and examine the literature to conceptualize the landscape of the theoretical frameworks of MBI approaches, identify the effective design features of modeling-based learning environments with an emphasis on technology-enhanced ones, and identify the most effective MBI practices that are associated with successful student learning through a meta-analysis.