Jeffrey Barrett

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Jeffrey E. Barrett is a Professor of Mathematics Education and also serves as an Associate Director of the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology at Illinois State University. His primary research interests include the learning and teaching of the mathematics of measurement and geometry, the use of computer software to model mathematical ideas, and the professional development of teachers. Dr. Barrett is currently Principal Investigator of a four-year project, "Learning Trajectories to Support the Growth of Measurement Knowledge: Pre-K through Middle School", in collaboration with Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama at the University of Denver, Denver, CO, and Craig Cullen at Illinois State University. Prior work includes a four-year longitudinal project describing children's development of spatial measurement from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5, in collaboration with Clements and Sarama (2007-2012).
Illinois State University (ISU), University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo)

The project proposes a longitudinal study that investigates the development of an understanding of measurement across seven grades-from pre-K through Grade 5. Specifically, the project will establish clear cognitive accounts of the development of students' strategic and conceptual knowledge of measurement on increasingly demanding sets of length, perimeter, and area measurement tasks.

Illinois State University (ISU)

This project is studying measurement practices from pre-K to Grade 8, as a coordination of the STEM disciplines of mathematics and science. This research project tests, revises and extends learning trajectories for children's knowledge of geometric measurement across a ten-year span of human development. The goal will be to validate all components of each learning trajectory, goal, developmental progression, and instruction tasks, as well as revising each LT to reflect the outcomes of the experiments.