Jason Silverman

Drexel University

The project will create a system of online mathematics teacher professional development modules for middle and high school teachers. Teachers will engage in online, asynchronous, high-quality mathematics learning experiences that mirror research-based productive classroom practices and models of instruction that feature active learning and student collaboration, explanation, and discussion.

The 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education

This project will design, develop, and test an online collaborative learning environment where students and teachers solve mathematical problems and communicate their thinking. This online collaborative learning environment will help increase the quality and quantity of math discourse among mathematics teachers and students. The researchers will also examine the impact of the online collaborative learning environment on students' significant mathematical discourse and achievement.

Drexel University

This collaborative project is developing an online, professional teaching community that addresses issues of assessment in mathematics classes. The developers are building on the success of the NSF-supported Math Forum's Problem of the Week program to create a community that works to increase students' mathematics learning by helping teachers stimulate student thinking, assess that thinking, and provide useful feedback to students.