James Lynn

Professional Title
Executive Director of High School Development
About Me (Bio)
James Lynn, of the Learning Sciences Research Institute, University of Illinois at Chicago, is the principal investigator for the NSF-funded Algebra Intensification Project. Lynn has also worked as a co-director and author for the project. Previously, Lynn was a teacher and administrator for 15 years in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). He served as the CPS director of high school mathematics. He also directed a major, University of Illinois at Chicago-based professional development project for high school mathematics teachers and has been the lead mentor for Chicago Public Schools mathematics teachers seeking National Board Teacher Certification.
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

This project is carrying out a research and development initiative to increase the success rates of our most at-risk high school students—ninth-grade students enrolled in algebra classes but significantly underprepared for high school mathematics. It will also result in new understandings about effective approaches for teaching mathematics to struggling students and about effective ways for implementing these approaches at scale, particularly in urban school districts.

American Institutes for Research (AIR)

Students who fail algebra in the ninth grade are significantly less likely than their peers to graduate from high school on time. This project intends to test a common support strategy for at-risk students that provides an extra period of algebra, commonly known as a "double dose" condition. The Intensified Algebra (IA) is an intervention that addresses both the academic and non-academic needs of students.