Jaci Queen

About Me (Bio)
I am currently teaching Biotechnology and Advanced Biotechnology at the High School level. I am interested in working together with other schools and business. I am also interested in any funding that might be available for my program. This is a brand new program in my district and several companies have gone out of business due to the economy. Field trips are hard to come by. I am looking into building a green house and growing our plants for testing. A small part of the curriculum. Setting up a new lab is not cheap and doing the research costs money. So any information leading to grants or additional funding would be greatly appreciated.

I have been with the district 11 years and this is my 6th year teaching. I have taught Science & Engineering and this is my 1st year teaching Biotechnology. I am very excited about bringing this area to my students and look forward to working with the local Community College in hopes they will adopt this program. I am currently using Austin CC curriculum.

Washington State University Vancouver

This project is designed to study the Partnership for Reform in Secondary Science and Mathematics professional development model. The research on this model will contribute to the knowledge base on professional development through an empirical investigation of the model of supported teacher collaborative inquiry. The research addresses how the interactions amongst Professional Learning Community teachers contribute to new understandings about teaching, learning, and disciplinary content, and whether this translates into changes in classroom practice.