David Reider


Professional Title: 
Principal Partner, Education Design, Inc.
About Me (Bio): 
Program Evaluator Biograph, INK12 Principal Partner, Education Design, an educational consulting firm in Boston specializing in program evaluation for K12 and post-secondary projects in arts, science, and technology education. Current portfolio includes funded projects by U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, NASA, and private foundations and represent collaborations with TERC, Concord Consortium, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, Old Dominion University, University of Southern Mississippi, Oakland Unified School District, Boston Symphony Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, Metropolitan Opera Guild.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This project will investigate how complex systems concepts supported by innovative curricular resources, technology applications and a comprehensive research and development structure can assist student learning in the domain of biology by providing a unifying theme across scales of time and space. The project seeks to address four areas of critical need in STEM education: biological sciences, complex systems, computational modeling, and equal access for all.