Amy Hackenberg

Professional Title
associate professor
About Me (Bio)
Amy Hackenberg taught middle and high school students for 9 years in Los Angeles and Chicago prior to earning her PhD in mathematics education from the University of Georgia. She is deeply committed to communicating mathematically with a wide range of thinkers at all grade levels, but she especially loves middle grades students. She does research on how middle grades students learn mathematics, on relationships between mathematics teachers and students, and on how to differentiate mathematics instruction. She and her husband live in Bloomington and love raising their son and daughter.
Indiana University (IU)

The proposed project initiates new research and an integrated education plan to address specific problems in middle school mathematics classrooms by investigating (1) how to effectively differentiate instruction for middle school students at different reasoning levels; and (2) how to foster middle school students' algebraic reasoning and rational number knowledge in mutually supportive ways.