Critical Pedagogy of Place in Mathematics: Texts, Tools and Talk

This paper explores the potential of integrating critical and place-based perspectives supportedby mobile,  digital  technologies in  secondary  mathematics. The  paper describes  two  curricular  modules:  Local  Lotto, a mathematical  investigation  of  the state  lottery,  and  Cash  City,  a  mathematical investigation  about  pawn  shops,  which were piloted in a high school in an underserved neighborhood in New York City. The analysis  focuses  on  texts,  tools,  and  talk  (Philip  &  Garcia,  2013)  introduced  by a critical pedagogy of place in mathematics.

Rubel, L., Lim, V., Hall-Wieckert, M., Full, M. (2015). Critical pedagogy of place in mathematics: texts, tools and talk. In B. Greer & S. Mukhophadyay (Eds.), Proceedings of the Eighth International Mathematics Education & Society. Portland, Oregon.