Applying Rasch Measurement to Assess Knowledge-in-Use in Science Education

This study applied the many-facet Rasch measurement (MFRM) to assess students’ knowledge-in-use in middle school physical science. 240 students completed three knowledge-in-use classroom assessment tasks on an online platform. We developed transformable scoring rubrics to score students’ responses, including a task-generic polytomous rubric (applicable to the three tasks), a task-specific polytomous rubric (for each task), and a task-specific dichotomous rubric (for each task). Three qualified raters scored 240 students’ responses to the three tasks. MFRM reported student ability, item difficulty, rater severity, and interaction effects, which helped improve the assessment tasks and rubrics.

He, P., Zhai, X., Shin, N., Krajcik, J. (2023). Applying Rasch measurement to assess knowledge-in-use in science education. In: Liu, X., Boone, W.J. (eds) Advances in Applications of Rasch Measurement in Science Education. Contemporary Trends and Issues in Science Education, vol 57. Springer, Cham.