Understanding STEM Teaching Through Integrated Contexts in Everyday Life (Collaborative Research: Macalalag)

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Socioscientific Issues (SSI) are ill-defined problems and debatable issues that can enhance student learning of scientific knowledge and literacy skills (Zeidler et al., 2005). However, most teachers are unfamiliar with planning and implementation of SSI (Macalalag et. al, 2019). Our project aimed to support the development of teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge through planning and implementation of SSI lessons in their classrooms. Over a two-year period, participating teachers attended an intensive nine-day summer institute during which they would become familiar with the SSI framework and begin planning SSI unit plans and attend regular professional learning community meetings and field trips to support their unit development. This study aimed to explore the effectiveness of the USTRIVE project for facilitating SSI integration into participant teachers’ lessons, particularly in fostering discussions of social justice in STEM classrooms. Specifically, this study explored the following research question: To what extent do teachers implement components of SSI in their unit of study based on the analysis of their storylines?

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