Building a Teacher Knowledge Base for the Implementation of High-Quality Instructional Resources through the Collaborative Investigation of Video Cases (Collaborative Research: Murray and Wilson)

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Analyzing Instruction in Mathematics using the TRU framework (AIM-TRU) is a research-practice partnership that is investigating the pressing problem of supporting teachers in increasing their capacity to implement high-quality instructional materials in the classroom with fidelity. Drawing upon the design-based research paradigm, the partnership has worked to co-design, investigate, and iteratively form the AIM-TRU Learning Cycle, which gives teachers the opportunity to understand the materials and how they are used in the classroom through a video-based professional learning cycle. In this poster, this cycle is fully explicated for those interested in bringing it to their own environment, and early findings are shared documenting the positive change by which teachers have built their knowledge around the high-quality instructional materials, the framework that they were built around, and the frequency with which they have used the materials in their classroom. Implications for future work measuring how implementation within the classroom and supports for the teacher leaders leading the AIM-TRU Learning Cycle are discussed.

Co-PI(s): John Russell, Math for America

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