BioGraph 2.0: Online Professional Development for High School Biology Teachers for Teaching and Learning About Complex Systems

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The purpose of this study has been to address the accessibility and efficacy of high quality professional development by modifying a successful in-person PD to be delivered on the edX platform. The PD course introduces BioGraph, a curriculum that uses computer-based simulations to teach biology concepts and complex systems ideas. The study has taken place over the last four years with teachers from across the globe, and in biology classrooms across the US and in India with teachers and students who are working with the BioGraph curriculum. We have presented at conferences and published multiple papers demonstrating both teacher and student learning and exploring how community and social capital can be built in an online PD. It is our hope that the BioGraph curriculum will support student learning in biology, and better prepare students for college level instruction.

Co-PI(s): Eric Klopfer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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